Reed Canyon

Just 3 blocks from our house is a wonderful wetland called Reed Canyon, a part of the Reed College property. This was our adventure for today! The sign says it’s a Wildlife Habitat, but do they know there are coyotes living there? They come wandering around our neighborhood. Good thing our kittehs stay indoors! I don’t think I want to meet one of them, but I *tried* to roll in some of their scat. Mom said it was a good thing I was on a leash….

Of course, I have to do some sniffing wherever there were posies. I try to see if they smell as nice as Mom’s.

The path was muddy in places, but we didn’t care! Well, I didn’t, anyhow. Toby didn’t either. So, that leaves Mom…. We had to jump over fallen down trees and ford a really bad section. I’d call it that because Mom had to walk on some cut up tree limbs to get through. I wish we had a picture of that! It was funny!!

PS: The lighting was weird here, so everything looks a bit funny–even my Toby!

This is Reed Lake. It suppose to be the oldest naturally occurring lake in Portland. We saw some ducks and heard a fish jump. There’s supposed to be beaver living here, but we didn’t see any. Salmon have even been seen coming up the fish ladders to spawn!

I looked. And looked, but no salmon. Toby was looking for a treat…..

I was really tempted to jump in that water, but Mom said the sign said no swimming. I guess that means me…..We found this neat game table made of an old log. I was hoping some Reedie would come by and play a game of chess with me!

No such luck, so I guess we’ll go see what’s going on at the Saturday Blog Hop!

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18 thoughts on “Reed Canyon

  1. That’s way cool Sage…I guess being on the leash prevents all of the splish splashing that obviously would have been going on. Coyotes that close eh!. We are inundated in our province now. Last year a girl was killed in the National Park in Cape Breton…so please be careful. Hope you get to go to the lake again. Have a great w/e!


  2. Stopping by on the blog hop. I work as a volunteer with the Etowah Valley Humane Society that got about 5-6 dogs from the Cartersville (GA) tornados. Hoss still needs a home….

    Drop into my blog to see my latest video about the tornadoes.

    We live on a lake in Georgia and my dogs love to walk in the woods and jump in the lake, too!


  3. I can laff at your mom crossing ofur the water like that coz I can draw a pikshure in my brane after seeing my mom do it – whahahahahaha! Yesterday, howefur, she brought water shoes and walked right through the water with me – no funs, I tell you.


  4. Sage, you and Toby must be very well-behaved visitors. Many wildlife refuges don’t allow any dogs, even ones on leashes, because they don’t know how to walk nicely without harassing other animals.

    Thank you for being such good dog ambassadors!


  5. Interesting tidbit on Reed Lake! You always introduce me to the coolest places, Sage – very lucky for me we live in the same town! Thanks!

    -Chandra at Daley’s Dog Years


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