Fun in the Sun!

We went to 1000 Acres yesterday–FINALLY. I didn’t think I was ever going back out there. Mom kept saying it was too flooded. I think she was just being lazy. She has her Slogger boots now, so what’s the big deal?

I guess it was a bit wet–this part of the park is always dry (except for a mud-puddle or two). Now it was all under water, probably all the way back to the Columbia.But there are actually 1400 acres out here. There HAD to be someplace dry…

And, we found it! Caly and I raced and raced and raced. OMD, it felt good–I couldn’t stop running.

I stopped for a minute to see some horses going by. I could tell Mom was watching me, but I really wasn’t interested and they didn’t look like they wanted to play. So I went back to Mom–it was treat time!There was a hawk circling overhead–I wonder what it was hunting? Mom said it wasn’t the horses–I think she was being silly again. There’s always little garter snakes and mice out here. We even found a few! Here hawk–come get it!!We always go to one of the ponds that are full from winter rains. (This wasn’t part of the flooded area, by the way.) I get to work on my swimming here. See–1000 acres is a full-exercise park. OK, I’m waiting–throw that kong, will ya?A lab and I had a race to see who would get it. He was bigger, but I swam really hard! He wanted to claim part of the victory, so I let him share in bringing it back.We went back to the flooded area and I had the kong all to myself, well, sorta. Even my friend Caly swam out to get it! She’s never swum before.I’ll leave you today with a view of Mt. Hood in all its majesty. But check back tomorrow for another installation of Muddy Monday! I can guarantee you it was the absolute worst yet!!Pee Ess: I was tired…………..

18 thoughts on “Fun in the Sun!

  1. Sage, you are so clever to teach Caly how to swim. It’s been almost forever since my Mom took me and Macy to 1000 acres. Maybe you could get your Mom to give our Mom a hint! We want to be tired, too!!!


  2. Sage, it looks like you and Caly had a great time. We bet that hawk was after those mice and snakes. Hope you got in some good rest after that terrific, fun outing. Hugs and nose kisses


  3. What a great place to go, Sage! It must feel so good to be able to race around in that huge area. Thunder and Ciara spotted a snake on our walk yesterday and almost got it. But the Momster pulled back on the leashes so they couldn’t get it.

    We will definitely be back for Muddy Monday.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara


  4. Sage, that looked like such pawsome funs. I can tell you rilly missed your 1,000 Acres. Hey, you know how that waterfall woz named after me? Gess where I be going next weekend if’n the wevver plays out rite – to SAGE RAVINE in Massychewsits – yup, you has a WHOLE RAVINE named after YOU. I be taking lots of pikshures fur you. It do be far away so if’n the wevver duss not gib cooperashuns, we has the hike on our “to do” listie for some udder time.


  5. What fun in the wide open spaces, I almost felt like I was there, too and I don’t even like water!
    Sage, you and Caly both looked like you had a wonderful time and it was a great day to sample those 1000 acres, too!



  6. Sage you looked like you were having a great time.
    Thank you Sage and Mom for your kind words to me about my losing my sweet loving Bambi. I miss her so very much!! This is going to be a ruff time for me, I will need all the friends I can get, to get through this awful time.
    xx, Fern


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