Muddy Monday

When I find mud this glorious, I know it’s going to be a good day. I started with a good belly dip and shake off.Moving to a slight side-to-side roll.

Culminating in a full-body, smack down in the mud, roll. I even made sure my head was fully covered! Even Caly was in awe this time! Mom was shaking her head–I wonder what was her problem? She said I looked like I had shaved all my hair except for a mohawk down the middle of my back. WHAT? I missed a spot? I have a strategy, in case you haven’t figured it out. First, you coat your body with glorious mud, then you find a pond! But not before a few rolls in the grass. I wonder if I could get a patent on the process? I could talk to Dad–he was a Patent Attorney before he retired. Belly rubs, please? Mommmmm, why won’t you give me a belly rub? You do it other times…..

Pee Ess: Dad laughed so hard about my patent idea that I even let him hose me down when we got home.Ā  šŸ˜¦Ā Ā  I thought it was a pretty good idea, don’t you? What does he know?

30 thoughts on “Muddy Monday

  1. Hi Sage! You are unbelievable! Yesterday at TV someone gave a muddy bath and masage to a dog (in dog’s beauty salon) – so perhaps it wasn’t so bad idea! You seem to enjoy that really much!
    Kisses from Teje and Nero


  2. Sage, you are just too funny! We hear that mud is good for the skin…you are gonna keep your beauty all your life if you keep taking those mud baths. We kinda like that mohawk. Keep having fun in the mud or out….just have fun. Hugs and nose kisses


  3. My my my…what Miss Stella would do to have that mud puddle in her reach! Wow! I am not sure I want to know how you got home before the hose attack. Walk?? Hopefully not in a vehicle as that would be the part to be patented…if that pup made it home in a car and the car is still usable…well, there are no words! : )


  4. Yeah what does he know? MOL hehe you looks like you had furry fun. Hey do you thinks a kitten would likes to roll in mud? My brofur got out once and rolled in da neighbors soil that feel out of a pot on the ground.



  5. Sage …you is one big mud ball…I haven’t found a mud hole like that yet….but sure as shootin’ I’ll keep my eyes open. I do know of one stink hole in the park…Hmmmm!


  6. It’s a brilliant idea, Sage! Your humans are just disappointed that they didn’t think of it first. They know you’re going to get rich and they aren’t! I say file for that patent right away!



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  9. Sure glad we met you on a Wednesday!
    My mom says we MAY NOT be able to walk with you at 1000 acres dog park on Monday’s cuz your not such a great example to me…
    But I dunno …you look pretty wicked to me…!!!!
    With care, Bentley


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