Sir Pantsalot

Hi! Toby here. Even though it’s Wordless Wednesday day, I told Mom I wasn’t going to go another day without telling you of my knighthood. I was pretty stoked about it, let me tell you. So, this is what happened.

I heard Mom say on the phone that I panted a lot and drank a lot. I do drink a lot, but I thought that was OK. Apparently not.So, last night I had a dream that I was riding a mighty stead and going off to slay a bunch of dragons. (I wonder if that’s because one of my kittehs slept with me last night?) Anyhow, that dream was pretty impressive, so I got to thinking–what if I was a real knight. I do have a round table. See?We talked it over and Mom said she had the power to knight me right here and on the spot! I am now Sir Pantsalot of the Round Bowl! Now that I have all these special powers, Mom said I had to go visit a special(ist) vet to get my magic sword. I guess only knights of the realm can visit them. I’m glad I had that dream!If you have any dragons lying around, let me know! I can officially come slay them for you–as soon as I get my sword, of course.

Mom here: Toby has many of the symptoms of Cushing’s disease and, unfortunately, it couldn’t be ruled out with the latest test. Next step is a visit with a vet internist who will make the final determination and treatment recommendations. Poor Tobs has gone through a lot this past year with demodectic mange, extremely low thyroid and now this. Fortunately he’s happy, eats well and loves to go on all of Sage’s adventures (except the mud, of course. That’s totally Sage!) And in answer to those who wonder whether she actually gets in the car that muddy–of course not. That’s the whole beauty of going to 1000 Acres. There’s more than enough good water out there where she swims off all the mud before we get back to the car.

28 thoughts on “Sir Pantsalot

  1. Woof! Woof! Sending you lots of Golden Thoughts. I very picky about drinking water … somehow I only like the water in my house so mom always brings water(from home) with her. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar


  2. You are a very handsome knight sweet Toby. We are sending up prayers for you that you are going to get all well and be okay. Hugs and nose kisses


  3. Hi Toby my friend! I don’t know Cushing’s disease, but I hope it’s not serious and you will be fine soon! We all send you lots of healing hugs and thank you for an exiting story! Congratulations Sir Patsalot of the Round Bowl!
    Nero, Hanna & Foxy


  4. it’s good to read about you, Toby. I mean, Sir Pantsalot! i can still see Sage’s last mudbath in my head and i think maybe it’s a good thing you don’t get that filthy!

    i hope Dr Dog will be able to fix you. *sigh* take care. much love xox


  5. Sir Pantsalot – we congratulate you on your distinguised honor. If you ever need some helpers, Thunder and Phantom would love to join you. IN fact we even have photos of Sir Thunder in all his armor.

    Sorry to hear that about the Cushing’s. You are right, you will have to have some very specific tests done to determine if it is indeed Cushing’s. But just know that for the right dog the meds can add years to their lives. Lots of luck and keep us updated.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara


  6. Congratulashuns on your knighthoodship, Duncan! You be sure to let that specialist V-E-T know that you be furry speshull and of the utmost impawtance and should be treated accordingly, k? Tell Sage that the wevver peeples is saying both Saturday and Sunday we is hasing RAINS! But… mom be taking a vakashun day on Furiday afore the rains come so we be visiting Sages Ravine then! Unless, of course, the wevver peeples change their minds. Again.


  7. Sir Pantsalot of the Round Bowl you are incredibly handsome in that photo! Sounds like with Mom at your side, those dragons better move out the way! Wishing you all the best as Mom helps you sort out this issue.

    -Chandra at Daley’s Dog Years


  8. Awwww, Sir Pantsalot is a greta name! (Question: Is Toby a leash puller? I notice he wears a collar and pulling on the leash in a collar can aggravate thyroid problems. If he is, you might consider a harness for him to help prevent further thyroid damage 🙂


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