Morning Chew

Mom SAYS we have a lot going on today, and, as usual, involves Toby & I. Sir Pantsalot is going to see that special vet so he can put in an order for his magic sword. Mom says I have to go play at Fido’s, my favorite indoor dog park while they’re gone. Then we are going to 1000 Acres (WHOOHOO)! It’s a wonderful day coming up–that what I think anyhow.

In the meanwhile, I need to make sure I’m perfectly groomed with a little antler chewing to clean my teeth.I’ve been working on this one for months, but soon it’ll be time for a new one. Hope your Friday is fun too!

Update from Mom: We had to leave Toby for more tests, so 1000 Acres was scratched for today. We’re hoping for the best, but the vet is concerned about his weight loss.

17 thoughts on “Morning Chew

  1. Hope you have fun at Fidos and 1000 acres. I know what it is like to have busy day like this. We are having the same thing here. Only it’s Daddy who has to go to the special doctor. Mommy is still trying to find special things to do with me to keep me busy.

    Puppy Kisses,


  2. Good luck to Toby at the vets. I hope they find out something that can be worked with.

    Shame you can’t go to 1,000 acres but you’ll still have lots of fun at Fido’s:) I must investigate antler chews for Frankie and Beryl, they look like great chewing!


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