Sir Pantsalot’s Sword

Toby here: Well, everyone, I did it! I got my sword.A genuine, heavy-duty sword to fight of the Cushing’s disease dragon! At least I didn’t have to be fitted for my golden, angel-wings. I have to admit, I was a bit apprehensive about all this. What was it to be? Sword? or Angel wings? I was glad it was a sword. The only bad part was that I didn’t get any treats. They did some stuff to my tummy–you’ll have to ask Mom about that. I was a bit out of it when that happened. I’m home, happy and drank an entire bowl of water–I sure was thirsty! And I hear we are going to 1000 Acres today. Sage will be happy. She told me she was a little freaked out while I was gone. Mom tried to play ball with her at Fido’s and she just got on her lap and shivered. Silly girl–what did she think, anyhow. I’ll be here a bit longer. Just give me some treats, please, Mom!

Mom here: Thanks to everyone for your best wishes for Toby. They paid off!! He does have Cushing’s disease, but the vet didn’t see any tumors or indications of cancer in the ultrasound. His spleen was “really gnarly” (that’s vet-speak for something that doesn’t look so hot) so he sent off a scraping. It came back OK–no cancer. He feels Toby’s disease is fully treatable, which was good news. So we are off for more fun in the mud (Sage) and a long swim to remove it (also Sage)! We’ll catch up with everyone on the Saturday Blog Hop. See you there and thanks again!!

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30 thoughts on “Sir Pantsalot’s Sword

  1. Picking the sword was an excellent choice, Toby 1. Oh, and even more good news. We’ll see you at 1000 Acres tomorrow morning! It has been forever and a day (or even more), since our Mom took us to 1000 Acres. It’s going to be fun, fun, FUN!


  2. I know everyone’s happy to have you home Toby! Hang in there my friend, and let your mom wait on you, so you can take it easy. Doctor’s orders! I hope you all enjoy the weekend. It’s finally here!


  3. Sorry to hear that it is Cushings, but so glad it is not cancer and is treatable. Wonderful news! Paw Prayers for you and your family, we will be thinking about you at 1000 acres. Roll in some mud for us!!


  4. Well done Toby, I think you deserve lots of treats after gong through that. It would be scary for a human so goodness knows what it must have been like for a dog.


  5. Toby, you are lucky to have Sage love you enough to worry about you when you go away for a little while. I’m glad the doctors now know how to help you feel better.

    I’ve had two doggies with Cushings. You have to remember to take it easy and not have any stress because it can make your medicine and body not work right together. So just relax and have a great day!


  6. I am glad you finally have a diagnosis. I am sure it is such a relief knowing that you know what it is you are battliing. Most often it is the unknown that drives us crazy and when we do know we can put on our battle gear and fight it!


  7. The sword was the right choice, Toby! I’m so glad you’re going to be alright! Enjoy 1000 acres some for me! You should meet Lilac some time. She’s a tough old lady, too, and I think you and she might be cut from the same cloth!



  8. So glad to hear that Toby is going to be okay. My mom is sending quick healing thoughts toward him along with this posting. I wish I could give him a lick and a nuzzle. I’ll bet Sage is happy with the good news. Have a great time at the park!

    Your Pal,


  9. Those doctors can do wonderful things with dogs with Cushings Disease. My sister’s beagle is being treated and is a new (old) boy at 10.

    Beautiful story – thanks for sharing. I’m stopping by on the blog hop today – drop by my blog: to watch an awesome video on how some dedicated people in North Carolina are changing their state.


  10. We’re very, very happy about Toby’s news. We didn’t even want to contemplate the alternative. Purrs and prayers going out to you, even though we haven’t met. Any furriend of Sage’s is a furriend of mine.



  11. Oh Toby Dog! In my professional opinion, you will kick Cushing Disease’s butt! It is somtreatable, and your Mom and vet team are so on top of it right from the start, that maybe you will have such mild signs you will forget you have it! Hugs to you and your family.


  12. Very good news! I know the Sir Pantsalot sword can slay anything evil…so glad to hear Toby’s Cushing’s is treatable and no cancer spotted. That is great. And Toby, you look just wonderful. All good healing thoughts continuing to come your way and we know it will all be good updates. Enjoy your visit with Sage to 1000 acres! Sounds fun (and very therapeutic)! Husky hugs coming your way!


  13. Mr. Toby, it’s super to hear that you’re going to feel better! You’ll do a great job with your sword!

    Luvs and smoochy-faces,

    Jackie and Dillon


  14. I’m so very glad that the word from the vet is treatable! (I didn’t know vets said “gnarly” … and I’m from San Diego!) Toby, your sword is very cool and looks to be an excellent weapon of choice. And as usual, your smile instantly puts a smile on my face!

    -Chandra at Daley’s Dog Years


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