Muddy Monday

OK, so you see mud down there. Right at my feet. Why am I not rolling in it, you ask? BECAUSE ALL MY MUD-PUDDLES ARE DRIED UP. Can you believe it? Thank goodness Mom brought my Wubba!

See, I don’t roll in the mud by the ponds–not when there’s a ball around. No sirree, not me! I do have my standards, now.

I do a pretty good ball dance too. Come on, throw it, PULEEEEZE! A little closer Mom. Get in that mud. You can do it.Mom said she threw it about 30 times out into the pond. Swimming is my new game, but don’t ask me to run and jump in. Nope. That’s not for me. I guess dock-diving won’t be one of my sports…

I did get some running in with my pal, Toby II (he’s my very first BFF). My Toby was there too, but he was off thinking about his sword and didn’t get in the photo shoot. He’s hoping to get some practice sessions in this week. Ya’ know he’s got that dragon waiting out there for him. I told him I’d help him though.Mom liked all the wild flowers that were in bloom. This was a pretty daisy of some sort.And there were LOTS of wild roses. They even smelled pretty. Soon the blackberries will be fruiting. They are soooooo good, but they are invasive here in the Pacific Northwest. The park people eradicated lots and lots of them to try to get them under control and I bet they are going to return those sections to meadow grasses. More places for me to run!! Maybe there’ll be a mud-puddle or two.I do miss my mud 😦

14 thoughts on “Muddy Monday

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    Just Ramblin’


  2. Mud or not we can see you have fun no matter where you go or what you do sweet Sage. Great pictures! Have a great day and week. Mumsy loves those wild flowers too. Hugs and nose kisses


  3. You is letting all that good mud go to waste? At least you is hasing a good swim and getting your furs wet. I hope you got your mom in the muds. That Toby (your Toby) must has been rilly bizzy with his sword coz I duss not see him anywheres. I sniffed and sniffed and no Toby.


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