Smokin’ for the 4th

We Americans celebrate the Fourth of July with a lot of vigor, firecrackers (ugh) and yummy food. It might even mean summer is finally coming to Portland!

All I know is there’s chicken in that smoker!Pass me one of those, please, Mom!

We hope everyone has a great weekend! See you at the Blog Hop.

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18 thoughts on “Smokin’ for the 4th

  1. Hmmmm, smoked chicken. Surely at least a little piece has Sage’s name on it.

    Glad to read Toby is hanging in with the balancing of his treatment. It’s hard but hopefully you’ll know you’ve gotten the right balance soon.


  2. Chicken is strong word here too! Everyone knows what means ‘kotopulo’! (chicken in Greek). Nero had long time chicken-rice diet as puppy.
    Have a great weekend and celebration!
    Teje & Nero


  3. ooo. yum yum. hope you got some, Sage. i’m glad summer is finally there so i can stop feeling sad for you. does this mean there’s no more mud to roll in?

    hope you had a marvellous holiday weekend xox


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