Mudless Monday

Yes, it’s true. NO MUD. I did go out searching though. First to my favorite fenced outdoor dog park. Mom made me walk the plank log. It was fun though. And of course, I had to play ball. Today we went to 1000 Acres with my buds, Caly and Tucker. It was sorta hot (low 80’s), but there is still so much flooding, I had no problems cooling off. Toby had to stay home though–to hot for him. This was a pool on our way to the Sandy River. The park is still so flooded we may not be able to get out there this summer! I sure hope so though. I sure had fun last year.We got as close as we could–at least I got to swim. Then back on the trail to another flooded section. Mom was throwing the ball in as far as she could. See those herons on the other side? There were five of them!Here they are sorta bigified. They all took off, but Mom was slow and didn’t get a picture. Maybe it was the heat?There is a lot of rolling to do after all that swimming, let me tell you. This is your best opportunity for a muddy me nowadays. But I have to tell you, Mom had more mud on her than I did! The 3 of us, Caly, Tucker and I, get kinda carried away when we run. Oops, Mom. Sorry to slam into you. On the way back to the car, we went through a field of daisies. I thought the ball was more important….Mom liked the daisies. What does she know, anyway?

18 thoughts on “Mudless Monday

  1. Gee, Sage, your Mom treats you much better than my Mom treats me. My Mom never takes me and Macy out to 1000 Acres any more. I miss it. Your bud, Toby II.


  2. Hi Sage! Thanks for sharing your great adventures! You have so good mom to take you for those lovely trips around and having fun with you and Toby!
    Kisses from Nero & his family


  3. Hi Sage,
    I love your life, you get to go muddin and swimming and you play ball. You have a good life. I wouldn’t want to be the one that has to bath you all the time tho!!! LOL
    We had a good 4th. Tom got a lot of work done in the yard and I made pesto yesterday.
    It was nice!!
    xx, Fern


  4. Even with out any mud, it looks like a pretty fun time! And if you get lucky, when the water level starts dropping, there should be tons of mud out there! At least for a day or two, until it dries out anyway.


  5. Sage, I’m so glad you and your friends arranged to make the mom muddy. That was very thoughtful of you to do for her what she would not do for herself.


  6. Wow, that pool is looking pretty deep! I can’t believe it’s still so flooded out there. If this summer weather keeps up, Sage, you may just have to go to a spa if you want to find some mud! Or send Mom and she can bring some back for you in a doggie bag!

    -Chandra at Daley’s Dog Years


  7. Sage, that looks like a super fun time you had. Lots of water to stay cool and buds to play ball with Wow! Hugs and nose kisses


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