Little Baby Kittehs

Today, Mom & I went visiting. I love going to my furiend’s house–that would be where Toby II and Macy live–it’s just across the street. Mom’s friend always has the BESTEST treats–she’s really cool! Speaking of cool, she got the pool out. And since it was one of our hotter days so far (86 F), I really needed cooling off.

I have this cooling off down though. You just have to find the nearest mud-puddle or wet spot, right? That’s my theory anyhow. For example, earlier today–when it wasn’t so hot–we went and played ball at a park that has lots of cool shade and, after a half hour, my tongue was hanging all the way to the ground. There was a sandy place that still had some dampness left over from a recent rain and another dog and I had a digging contest to see who could get to the coolest spot first! Then Mom said that was enough and we went home. What’s that, Mom? I’m rambling? The NERVE of her–she told me to stick to the subject. Huh. OK. Pool….

You know Toby II was my very firstest best furiend? He is, but I don’t think there’s enough room in here for the both of us, Toby II. Uh, Mom said I still wasn’t sticking to the subject. It was about little kittehs–not me. I just had to stick my 2-cents in, right? Anyhow,  Mom left me and went to see a Mommy kitteh and her five little kittehs that are only 3-weeks old!  Mom’s friend fosters kittehs and always has some that Mom goes to visit–she says it helps socialize them. See how little they are? I’m not allowed to come near them–do you think that’s because I chased a cat recently? This one was trying to climb the crate door. Silly kitteh–didn’t it know it was already out?What a sweet little face! I bet they’ll find a really good furever home when they are bigger! Mom’s friend is good at that.

20 thoughts on “Little Baby Kittehs

  1. Don’t worry, Sage. Mom won’t let ME in to see the kittehs yet, either, and I don’t chase them….at least, not all the time. I sure was glad you came over to visit today. Why, even Macy stepped into the pool for a bit, and you know how rare that is!


  2. It looks to me as though you found the coolest place to lay down Sage. Cats are a law unto themselves, they might have scratched your eyes out if the mood took them so it’s best that you keep your distance.


  3. Sweet Sage we can tell you were really enjoying that pool. Cute little kitties. Keep cool. Hugs and nose kisses


  4. Oh Miss Sage, Your little baby kittycat furiends have so many adorables! My mom found a baby kittycat under our house and she looked JUST like the one in your last photo, she even had the same expression on her tiny face! I didn’t get to visit with her either because I like to chase kittycats too. It looks like you had fun in the pool! When my daddy put me in my pool I didn’t know quite what to do because it felt kind of like a cold bafftime and I was waiting for the soapies, BOL!


  5. You is nefur going to beleef this, Sage, but I do be deadly skeered of baby kittehs. Sad, but true. Mom has bottle fed many an orphaned litter and if’n she MAKES me come into the room while she is holding one, I start shaking and get all skeered and run to my hidey spot and won’t go near the kitteh. Once they is about 12 weeks old, then pawsome, let’s play!


  6. I’m typing this very quietly so as to not offend any of the canine cat haters who may be nearby but I gotta say … the kittens are pretty darn cute.

    -Chandra at Daley’s Dog Years


  7. Number one: You need a bigger pool!
    Number two: I had to take the computer away from mom or she was gonna adopt at least two of those kittens. Don’t get me wrong, I loves my 4 cats, rarely chase them, prefer to hump them. But we have 4 and don’t think we need more just now! Now I sound like dad!


  8. Hi Y”all,

    Sage you didn’t really chase a kitty kat did you?

    My Human has been keeping me inside and quiet. We go outside when it’s almost dark and then it’s cooler. At least the sun isn’t baking me, even if it really isn’t cooler. 🙂

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog


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