My Life With Toby

When you are pretty new to this world, there are lots of things to learn about. Important stuff, like how to play and how to live with your new family. I was 10-weeks old when I met Toby. He sure seemed OLD and kinda ignored me. But I think that’s just because I hadn’t jumped on him enough. On the very first day in my new house, I was a little bit scared, but here was my Toby telling me it was going to be OK. I liked to cuddle up to him–it made me feel safe.Even when I was a bit older, we were still snoozing together. When I was 5 months old, my ears still weren’t sticking up and I still had my baby fur. Toby’s ears don’t stick up either.When I was 7 months old, I discovered water. I think I look pretty grown up here! Toby and I do everything together, well, except for the mud and water. I guess that’s my specialty!

When he had his eleventh birthday last October, I was right there beside him telling him he’s my bestest bud in the whole world. My first birthday was the next month, but Mom didn’t put a silly hat on me. No sirree. She knows better!!One of our favorite places to go is the beach. Toby had the BEST time and so did I. We stick together–that’s what we do.

Mom here with an update on Toby: Apparently there’s more going on besides the Cushing’s disease. He’s lost 3 more pounds over the last few weeks and yesterday reacted badly to a drug that would have helped him absorb his food better. He’s better today, but I believe it’s only a matter of time now unless we can stop the downward spiral of weight loss.  

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32 thoughts on “My Life With Toby

  1. Oh Sage, I am so sorry for Toby !!! We will pray for him!! Happy has her paws crossed for him!!! Sending good vibes for him!!
    When Toby gos Sage you will be the one who will be the old one!!! You will be the one that the new puppy cuddles up to!!!
    Hopefully that will not happen soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    xx, Fern


  2. Hey Toby 1, please get better. We guys need to stick together and keep the ladies in line! I tell you what…I’m going to send my Mom over with some of my most special treats. Maybe that will help you stop losing weight!


  3. Oh, I am so sorry.

    We’ve been on both sides, so I will share my good story with you. Adam was diagnosed with auto immune hemolytic anemia. He had multiple organ involvement and was dropping weight like crazy (Nearly 20 lbs.) I took him to the vet every day for IV’s and he was on many meds. We thought we were at the end because he would no longer eat.

    I brought him home one night, boiled some fresh chicken and sat down beside him on the cushion. I told him that I would help him fight, but he had to eat or we would never win. He got up and walked away from the food. I sat there and sobbed.

    When Karen got home from work, we talked. We decided to stop all meds except the pred and antibiotics and no more time at the vet clinic.

    We told him our promise that night, the next morning he got up and ate his fresh chicken. That was over three years ago. It took us five months to get past the AIHA, but we did it.

    The vets call him their miracle dog.

    Hang in there, we’re pulling for you.


  4. Dear Toby, we send you strength and we hope so much you will be better! Sage’s story today is touching – like Hanna is telling her story with Nero. Toby is so sweet and looks like our Foxy (even Foxy is small only 5 kg). They both have lovely ‘white’ hair face. Toby, we pray for you and you and your family are in our thoughts!
    Love Nero, Hanna, Foxy & Teje


  5. You are so much in our thoughts and prayers!! Mommy knows what you are going through. It is not easy, she says. Mommy also wants you to know, it’s okay to cry. Sometimes that is the best release of all.

    Love and Kisses,
    Tanner (& Beth)


  6. Oh Sage, what a beautiful post today. I just know that if you read it to Toby it will boost him up real good.

    My Vickie says that you should try “Liver” yep, now I would love liver, but My Vickie, who can’t boil water, had to cook liver for Syra a few years ago. She would be in the kitchen trying to cook it and not vomit at the same time, but it really tasted good to Syra and she got better……

    Now My Vickie uses liver to get some of our guests to eat when they lose their appetites. But she has learned that she can put a dab of vicks vapo rub up her nose to stop most of the smell, thus, less vomiting.

    She also only cooks it in one special pan that has to stay outside when she is not cookin liver.

    I dont’ get what the problem is.

    Nutty girl


  7. Talk about stinky food that dogs LOVE–I picked up a can of pure tripe today and mixed it with his grain-free kibble and he ate it all!! Now, that was really awful smelling, let me tell you. I had to hold Sage away–she’d probably would have loved to roll in it along with eating it….

    I also am going to try a duck and sweet potato dinner and some raw goats milk that dogs are particularly fond of. I’ll be at Whole Foods this afternoon and see if they carry liver and add that to the mix. I want to stay away from any grains (his kibble is grain-free) as that will feed cancer (if indeed he also has cancer). Maybe with 3 feedings a day, we’ll see some benefit.


  8. Tears in my eyes after reading your update. I am so sorry about Toby.
    Sage – you clearly have been a very good friend to Toby (as he has been to you). I loved seeing all the photos of you two together. So beautiful is no many ways. You were really lucky to have a guy like Toby to help guide you along the way. I am hoping that whatever is going on (besides that awful Cushings) that he takes a turn for the better.


  9. Sage, Toby has been and still is your boon companion. You are so lucky to have him. It makes me very sad to hear that he’s having trouble and that he’s losing weight inexplicably. I know this makes your Mama and Daddy very sad. I know you’ll be extra special nice to them and to Toby as he’s trying to get better. Mama says that love can do amazing things. So I’m sending you a big packet of my love to spread all over Toby and your family. I hope it works! I want it to work! Please give Toby an extra lick and cuddle from me Opie. Mama sends a tummy rub and good ear scratch too. Keep your confidence up Sage, and Sage’s Mama too! Mama is sending Sage’s Mama a hug!
    I’ll keep sending my digital love!

    Your Pal,


  10. Oh, we are so sorry to hear that Mr. Toby still isn’t feeling well. We are praying for him to get all better and sending luvs and smoochy faces to you all.




  11. I am so sorry to hear that Toby’s not reacting better to the medicine! Lilac is our old girl, and she’s in that stage of being old where she eats like a horse and still loses weight. I know that we won’t have her forever, and sixteen is ancient in Greyhound terms, but she keeps plugging along. We have a deal that I won’t put any funny stuff in her food and she’ll eat it, and I hope it stays that way for a long time. I know how bittersweet it is to see them get old and frail, or sick, and not be able to stop it.

    Sage, your memories of Toby are so sweet! All dogs should have the kind of love that the two of you have had! I think Toby needs you to cheer him on a little right now. Sometimes that works wonders!

    Bunny and her mom


  12. Sage, this was just such a sweet post for Toby. We bet it made him feel better. We are so sorry to hear that there may be more going on with him, but we have been there too. Just keep doing what you are doing, and love him all you can.

    Hugs and Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara


  13. That was such a beautiful post and I loved seeing the pictures of Toby and Sage together.

    My thoughts are with you as you try figure out how to best help Toby.


  14. My thoughts are with you. I can’t imagine losing any of my 3 amazing dogs. Funny I should find this post today because I was blogging all about therapy dogs this morning and everything dogs give us! Sounds like Toby has given you many time over good things.


  15. What a wonderful post about Sage and Toby. Rosy and my paws are crossed that he starts feeling better very soon and will be eating the yummy things you are preparing for him. Mom sends her thoughts and prayers as well… Big Getwell BearHUG to Toby!
    Love always, Bear


  16. Awwwwww, sweet Sage this brought tears to Mumsy’s eyes. We are still sending up prayers for your best bud Toby. Leaving you all lots of hugs and nose kisses


  17. I just love the photos of you and Toby together as you’ve grown Sage! I’m thinking very good thoughts for Toby’s health. I went through unexplained weight loss with Daley so I know some of the worry Mom must be feeling. But I also know that she’s on top of things already – tripe? Eww and awesome!

    Mom, if you ever find yourself in need of an extra hand, an extra shoulder or a tripe delivery (!) give me a shout. I’m just in the NE part of town.

    Big big hugs to handsome Toby.

    -Chandra at Daley’s Dog Years


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