A Feather in my Cap

Mom said having 244 posts by my 1st blogiversary is quite a feather in my cap! Personally, I think it’s better in my mouth.Don’t you?

19 thoughts on “A Feather in my Cap

  1. I used to get in trubbulls fur picking up fevvers in my mouf (espeshully when something woz attached to the fevver…) so mebbe that do not be such a good idea. But carry on with your bloggie – furry, furry good idea!


  2. Congratulations! That is quite impressive.. I started strong in my first year of blogging but definitely failed towards the end… nowhere near that many posts 🙂

    Happy blogiversary!


  3. Unfortunately for Sage, that feather lasted in her mouth only as long as it took to bribe her with a treat (and take a picture)! As I thanked her for bring me such a treasure, I tried telling her all the nasty things that could be lurking on it, but she didn’t want to believe me……

    Sage’s Mom


  4. Congratulations sweet Sage!!! That is awesome! Wherever you want to put your feather is just fine. You have earned that feather. Hugs and nose kisses


  5. Happy Blogoversary Sage!!!! You put that feather where ever you want it girl!!! I have enjoyed your blogs so much Sage keep blogging, you’re very good at it !!!
    xx, Tinker & Fern


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