Wordy Wednesday: Liver Treats

Toby got all that bad poison out of his system and is now acting like my Toby! Boy, was I glad–that spot under the desk was getting pretty worn out. Mom kept trying to get me to play, but no sirree, not while my Toby was feeling so bad. But he’s better, at least for now, and I feel like playing again!

So, today, we decided to make Liver Treats. I wasn’t sure whether to go hide under the desk again, but Toby really likes them, so I guess it’s OK. He helped Mom and watched every move she made. First she had to chop up all that liver. Is that what they mean by “chopped liver”?Then she put it in the blender with some potato flour and beef broth. She was supposed to use potato flakes, but couldn’t find any without all kinds of STUFF in it. Purist–what is she thinking? Does she know what I eat when she isn’t looking? AND, she almost burned up the blender–I TOLD her she should pull out all those stringy fibers. I think she’s just wanting a new blender….

After Mom finally got it mixed up, she put it in a pan and stuck it in the oven. This is what it looked like after she took it out of the pan. We got some samples, but I’m not too sure about it yet.Mom thought it wasn’t cooked enough, so she cut it all up into little pieces and put it back in the oven.  Here’s the recipe, in case you want to try it. After it got a little crunchier, I REALLY liked it:

Liver Treats
1 pound of liver (we used beef)
1 cup potato flakes without additives (we used Bob’s Red Mill Potato Flour)
2 teaspoons garlic powder (we didn’t have any, so we didn’t add this)
1 egg
Beef Broth (we used enough to keep the consistency thick–maybe 1 1/2 cups)
Cut the liver up into small chunks and put all ingredients except broth in a blender. Add broth until consistency  is thick. Bake for 25 minutes at 400 F.

(Mom here: This was not enough time to get a firm enough treat, so I put the cooked liver cake on a sheet pan, cut it into small pieces and baked them at 275 F for about 1.5 hours more, turning them over part-way through.)

Mom. Quit butting in. This is MY story. I wanted to let everyone know Toby gets all kinds of special food now–like tripe. Now that is GOOD. GOOD. GOOD. And raw goat’s milk. And now liver. What’s with all this stuff? Mom said that if he keeps losing weight, at least he can do it with good, stinky food. And who else benefits? MEEEEEEE

Speaking of stinky–Mom canned a bunch of pickles when she was cooking the liver treats. She said it made the house smell better. That’s what she says……