A Quilt, Baby & Me

I thought I was the baby in this family, but I heard Mom and Dad talking about a new baby girl that’s coming in just a few weeks and is going to live in a place called San Francisco. That’s where my hu-sis lives (that would be Mom and Dad’s daughter) with her husband. So, Mom has been busy making a quilt for the baby’s room. She was in her sewing room a lot, which sorta took some time out from ball-playing, but that’s OK. I got to sleep some more.
Mom here: I saw a picture of a quilt similar to this and had to design one using my daughter’s color scheme.  I made 1/4 inch bias strips using a Clover bias tape maker. After ironing the strips to the background, I applique-stitched around all the pieces;and finished the quilt with some simple echo quilting around the rectangles and squares and free-motioned stars on the borders.

Gee, that was really neat, Mom, but now you got the suitcases out–maybe I can stow away in one. No? I can’t go? I guess that means I’m going to jail my favorite indoor dog park, Fido’s. I was pretty sad, but I heard things are getting even worse. When this little girl is born, Mom is leaving me for a whole month and Dad will be in charge. But Mom said we can talk on Skype! Maybe it won’t be so bad after all…..Powered by Linky Tools
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24 thoughts on “A Quilt, Baby & Me

  1. Wow, Sage, your mom is super-talented!! That quilt is beautiful! We’re sorry she’s gonna leave you for a month, though 😦

    Have a fun weekend!

    -Gizmo, Bart and Ruby


  2. Sweet Sage new babies are so much fun and maybe one day you will get to be with that new baby coming to your family. Your mom sure made a beautiful quilt. What a precious gift to make something by hand like that. What a treasure to have and we bet it will be passed down as the family grows. At least you will be able to visit with your mom on Skype, we bet you will get to see the new baby on there too. Hugs and nose kisses


  3. Dear mom, your new quilt is really beautiful! What a great idea to make figures with stripes like you did! Also the other quilt on your bed is wonderful! Enjoy your visit with your daughter and the baby!
    Dear Sage, I think you should try to fit in the suitcase … if not, think you are going to have holidays and speak often to your mom on skype!
    Kisses from Nero & Teje


  4. That quilt is just so pretty – and it is one the new little girl can grow with. Mom so wishes she could make quilts.

    Sage, you are just going to love this new little one – they are great for dropping crumbs on the floor. Hope you get to meet her one day too.

    We are sending our best wishes to the parents-to-be for a beautiful and healthy baby girl.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and ???


  5. Get your licker in gear ‘cos you’re gonna wanna use it when the little youngn’ arrives. You gotta clean up all the crumbs and droppings. The best part of wee ones! So, don’t be sad…be glad!!!!!!!!

    Sophie…the Licker of all Lickers!


  6. Sage, I know just how you feel. But at least your Dad is staying with you. Maybe your Mom can make you a doggy quilt! My mama loves your mama’s quilt. Oh and i agree with sophie. My mama says that babies drop all sort of yummy stuff. It will be your job to eat every bit of baby food, cheerios, crackers, etc that she drops. You’ll have to be fast t hough. Toddlers like to pick it up off the floor quick and eat it. You’re going to be an UNCLE! Congratulations!

    Congrats to your Mom and Dad! They are going to be grandparents! That rocks!


  7. Tell your mommy that my mommy things the quilt is very pretty. And congratulations on the new baby too. Mommy says we are having one soon too, but ours is a Nephew/cousin. Mommy is planning a visit too, but I think she is going to take me because it is a long drive and she does not want to go alone.

    Puppy Kisses,


  8. Sage – I was going to say hop in the suitcase too, but I’m thinking that competing with a baby for attention is a lose-lose situation. Better to hang out with your friends at Fidos and then let Dad spoil you rotten at home for that month (you just have to remind him that as a girl missing her mom, spoiling is the only thing that will make you feel better). 🙂

    Your mom made a beautiful quilt by the way. I have always wanted to learn how, but never have. Seeing how intricate this quilt is makes me think I better leave it to the professionals. Loved it!

    Happy Saturday Blog Hop!


  9. That quilt is GORGEOUS!!! I’m a little jealous of the baby… :)! Sage, You’ll love skyping… put on your saddest face, with the saddest eyes, with the most pitiful ear set and your mum will just melt that she can’t snuggle you…. when she comes home I bet she’ll be bringing you gifts!!


  10. OMD, Sage, that do be the lovliest quilt I has efur seened. But keep it away from my sis, Dixie, coz she noms the corners. I is so glad mom catched her red-moufed once or I might has been blamed. So when your mom is gone, who be taking you to 1,000 acres? I dussn’t think you can Skype that.


  11. Wow, Sage, Mom is so talented! And what exciting baby news! What’s a month when you’re going to have a lifetime of sweet cousin?!

    -Chandra at Daley’s Dog Years


  12. Oh Sage, tell Mom how pretty her quilt is!!! So very nice!! I love quilts!! Thanks for your visit.
    Yes Tinker and I are doing pretty good for not even a week yet. I think Happy will come around in a few weeks too. Sunday they were in the same room and Happy lived through it!!!!!
    Tinker is not mean at all, just moves to quickly.
    xx, Fern & Tinker


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