Muddy Monday

I haven’t done Muddy Monday for a while and, boy, have I been going through withdrawal. I think some of my blog pals have too, so I decided to rectify that! (Psssst, Mom told me that big word. Funny sounding isn’t it?) We went to the Sandy River (out there at 1000 Acres, you know) and the river forgot some of its water. I found this little mud-hole created by a sand bar right next to the river. It was full of mud and gloriously stinky. Of course I made a beeline for it. I don’t know why Mom was shaking her head–maybe a bee got too close….I didn’t stay long, because I think swimming is my favoritest thing to do in the whole world. Well, next to ball. BUT, put them both together and what do you get? ME! (And Sophie–she likes balls & swimming & stuff, just like me)! It’s too bad she’s a whole zillion miles away. Mom’s been taking me a LOT here lately–I sure like summer!

OH, I almost forgot to show you my ball dance. Mom made a silly movie and she messed up near the end and blurred me all up. But I told her it’s all right. She got my dance moves, so that’s all that counts. At least that’s what I say!


14 thoughts on “Muddy Monday

  1. Hey Sage, great ball dance love it.
    Every time I see mud I think of you, at least you had a swim after to get it off!!!
    Have a good week
    See Yea George xxx


  2. Hi Sage, it’s nice to see you back in the mud bath! I think it’s a good thing you like to swim or goodness knows how you would manage with all that mug in your fur. Love the dance by the way.


  3. No wonder you look great it is all those mud baths. We loved your dancing ball video sweet Sage. Hugs and nose kisses


  4. Sage, we like that River Dance way better than that other stuff they do in the other Riverdance. Mud, water, balls, what more could you need?

    Mom says to tell you that the DAP collar is working well with Lightning, big improvement today with the kids.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning


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