Tour Director

The other day, my BFF Toby II came over to visit (we call him Toby II because my Toby was here first). I’ve known Toby II since I was just a wee lass. He puts up with my exuberance, probably because he’s a gentle giant of a Great Pyrenees mix. Toby II has been over to visit before, but I hadn’t given him a proper tour.

Come on, Toby II, get the lead out!

I led him around the dining room table a couple of times–he needed to inspect my condo, which you know is one of my favorite place to watch out the window. Then we toured the kitchen where he inspected the counter tops. I was impressed! He doesn’t even have to stand on his tippy-toes to see.

We completed the tour in the living room.His Mom gave us all a bunch of new treats. She was VERY happy that I had become such a good tour director. Maybe I should go into business?