Toby, My Epi and Me

I bet you wonder what that’s all about? Mom has this plant that has these big ol’ flowers that show up in the summer. She told me it was an Epiphyllum, but I tried and tried to say that big word and it was coming out all messed up. So, I call it My Epi! This is what the flower looks like.

The funny thing about My Epi is that it blooms in the dark and then….poof….it’s gone as soon as the sun hits it. Sorta like a vampire, I guess. Except it doesn’t suck your blood….

I asked Mom about My Epi, and she said this one came from a plant her Mom had. That means its older than the hills! (Sorry Mom). It takes years until it decides to bloom, especially in the cooler climate we have in Oregon. So, Toby and I decided to pose in front of some of this year’s blooms.  We had to hurry, though…Posing’s always good for a treat–at least, that’s what I say!

20 thoughts on “Toby, My Epi and Me

  1. Oh, that floer is just beautiful. We think it may be like the one our furiend The Bleu has in his yard too. Nothing cool about our climate right about now – it is close to 100 again. Maybe we need to find that plant to grow here too.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning


  2. Your Epi is really pretty, and it makes a great background for you and Toby! We have some Spiderwort here that only blooms early in the morning when it’s really shady, so maybe they’re related!



  3. Vof Sage! That is amazing flower! I have heard about how it flowers only at night. You and Toby are really good looking in your garden – from your face I guess goodies are waiting!


  4. Thanks for sharing your Epi, Sage! I’d never heard of it before and it is very cool! You and your Toby look so great, like you’ve really been having a good stretch of summer!

    -Chandra at Daley’s Dog Years


  5. You had me furry worried fur a minit, Sage. I thought by Epi, you meaned Epilady – that machine wot pulls FURS OUT! OWIE! I is heabing a sigh of releef that you woz referring to a pritty flowah. Whew.


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