Construction Zone

We have this basement in our house that I’ve never gone into. For all I know there are monsters down there (maybe that’s where Toby’s dragons are living?). Mom says no, but I’m not real sure. And we’ve gone to Home Depot every day here lately. I checked out all the aisles; some guy took my picture; I hung out on the paint counter and got some treats! I guess I should have known something was up.

I even though about going into construction myself, but cold, hard reality hits when we get home. There’s been a WHOLE lot of noise going on and these strange guys coming in and out of my house. Hauling stuff out and hauling stuff in. Sawing and hammering and banging and clattering. Will it ever end? This is what I think they are doing…. Sometimes I peek down the stairs, but I don’t EVER go down there. It sure is a mess! Mom is moving her sewing room down there and had a really bad construction job done by a prior owner ripped out. Pshew, too much work for me. Take me swimming, Mom–get me outta here!

Mom’s note: The floor sloped toward the wall here and a portion of the concrete was removed and repoured to level it. The section in-between will be covered by a storage cabinet.

11 thoughts on “Construction Zone

  1. Unfortunately, I has been in my basement a few times – we has a grooming tub down there so when I go down (under duress) it be fur a BAF! So trust me, you is not missing out on anything not going in your basement. But, I has nefur been UPstairs coz I know there be monstahs up there fur sure.


  2. None of us likes to go in the basement either, but the Momster makes us all go down every now and then because that is where we have to go if we have a tornado warning. That looks like a very big project going on down there. We think you are wise to stay upstairs, Sage.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning


  3. Hi Sage-girl,
    Tell your Mom,, I don’t know when she finds the time to sew!!!!! With all the walks and swims you get to go on, it must take up the whole day!!!!
    xx, Tinker & Fern


  4. Well, sweet Sage when your mom’s sewing room is completed do you think you will change your mind about going down there. She may need you to snoopervise some while she is sewing, do you think? Hugs and nose kisses


  5. Hi Y’all,

    I’m with you Sage! Keep your human OUT of the basement! Take her swimming with you!

    Tell her the noise is bad for her ears and the dust they are making is bad for her breathing.

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog


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