Muddy Monday

I’m off to prison my exciting new boarding facility today–remember Mom will be gone a WHOLE month? There’s this little hu-man baby arriving in San Francisco really soon now. At least that’s what they’re telling me. But, Dad will be back in a few days, so he’ll break me out of there. At least he’d better!!

But, before I leave, I couldn’t pass up another Muddy Monday. I’ve certainly had more spectacular ones, but this is the best you can get when it’s HOT and all the water is drying up and there’s nothing but dirt. Except at the river.Pee Ess: I think I might be able to sneak a few stories to you while Mom is gone and we’ll be checking in with you the whole time!  So, don’t forget me…….

20 thoughts on “Muddy Monday

  1. Aw Sage, don’t worry about Mom leaving for a few days. Mom will always come back to you, my Mom always does. And just think…in a few days, you’ll be an Auntie!!!
    Purrs and licks,
    your kitty-cuz,
    Peeka (oh yea, and Ali too)


  2. Oh Sage we could never forget you, we love you and Toby, never forget you!!!
    You will miss your Mom a lot and she will miss you too!! We hope she has a nice time with one of her kids and that that baby comes out just right!!
    xx. Tinker & Fern


  3. Bummer that you has to go to lock down in the big house fur a few days. If’n you lived closer I would ask mom if’n you could come here fur a slumber pawty. We would has so much funs. And mud, OMD we has so much of it compliments of Irene and Lee!


  4. I know all about those little hu-babies coming. My Mommy and daddy are just back from a visit with my new cousin. Just remember, even though they go away, they come back and they seem to be happier!! Congrats on the new family member!

    Puppy Kisses,


  5. Looks like you found yourself some good mud, even in this hot weather. Hope you enjoy spending time at the boarding place, some of them are really fun for the dogs, a nice vacation of their own.


  6. Psst Sage this past weekend I ran one of my tests in a stick pond. It was soooo muddy. The yellow labs came out looking like black labs and the goldens came out looking like flat coats. You would have LOVED it!

    Of course it looks like you found a great place too!

    your pal Thunder


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