Gaters, Snakes, Penguins & ME

Mom & Dad went to the California Academy of Science today and took me along! Sorta like a Flat Sage. It’s a good way to travel, that’s for sure. It’s been pretty good at the *big house* my favorite home-away-from-home, but hitchin’ a ride with Mom & Dad on one of their adventures is even better! When we first got there, a bunch of stingrays were on the move. After Mom put her picture-taking machine away, we watched them having a race–one guy was stoked and was moving out ahead of all the rest–flappin’ his fin like he really knew what he was doing! Too bad Mom didn’t take that picture….We saw a lot of snakes. (For those of you not into snakes, quickly scroll below the next picture.) This one was really neat–a Reticulated Python. They grow to 25 feet long–the longest snake in the world! Pshew. I was glad it was inside its house when I went by–I’d be dead meat. What, Mom? I’m safe? That’s what YOU say……see those beady eyes? I think I need to see something a bit safer, don’t you? This is a piranha. Mom said it can eat you in a second. I don’t believe her, do you? This guy has a smirk on his face–at least I think so.I’m still working on safer, Mom. Get it? What’s up with you? Are you crazy or something? What’s this? An albino alligator? A real albino alligator named Claude who’s 16–that’s older than me! And what’s he doing with his head on top of this turtle? Oh, woe is me…..Oh, that’s right, it’s the turtle that should be saying that! pshewwwwwWhat’s next in this litany of tortures? A man-eating tiger? Come on, Mom. There has to be something here that’s not going to eat me.

What’s that? African Penguins? They’re OK? What are they looking for?  Oh, it’s ME!! I like these guys–they just eat fish…..

Hope you enjoyed the show! I’m ready to see if any one else has crazy man/dog-eating critters hangin’ around their blog. Maybe it’s just me………

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17 thoughts on “Gaters, Snakes, Penguins & ME

  1. Holy crow, Sage! Mom was at the zoo for a field trip on Thursday, and she actually petted an alligator. I know because I smelled it on her when she got home, even if she did wash her hands. Nothing gets by my sniffer! Anyway, what is up with these humans of ours? As soon as they’re out of our sight, they’re taking all these crazy risks!



  2. You’re so lucky seeing all these strange animals and fish.I don’t think I’d be allowed into a place like that, I don’t think dogs are welcome at zoos and things here, especially as I’d want to fight them all!


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