Sir Pantsalot’s Update

Hi! Toby here. It’s been a long haul since I was knighted as ‘Sir Pantsalot of the Round Bowl‘ and a lot has happened. Let me tell you, fighting dragons is hard. Really HARD. Even with a magic sword. My special vet has been with me all the way, even though the dragons were impervious to some of those potions he sprinkled on my sword. Dragon 1 was Cushing’s Disease. That was a nasty fight, let me tell you. I don’t think I’d had enough practice with my sword, so I ended up on the wrong side of that battle. I was pretty down and out for a bit, that’s for sure. And, wouldn’t you know, the Cushing’s dragon called in reinforcements! Just what I needed….

This new dragon  had a funny name:  Addison’s Disease. It’s supposed to be the opposite of Cushing’s (sorta like a mirror image). All I know, it was scary. But Sage and all my blog friends were by my side in all my fights. It sure helps to have an army behind you!! I can’t thank you enough for all the good wishes and happy thoughts you sent. Dragons don’t like them, that’s for sure. But that wasn’t the end of it.

I kept losing weight (must have been all that fighting) and my special vet tried something to help me absorb food. I spent a couple of days looking at the Rainbow Bridge. It was there–I saw it. It’s really beautiful, let me tell you. And I saw Maggie. She looked like she couldn’t wait to have me come play with her! But Sage, the little whippersnapper that she is, said NO–I couldn’t go yet. She needs me here. I heard her in the distance saying that and decided maybe I should stay a while longer.

So, here I am. The special vet says I’m doing pretty well in my fight with the Addison’s dragon. The magic Prednisone potion is working! My legs don’t work so well and I have some spinal degeneration, but I’m happy. I go for walks. I get some of the best food you could ask for and I gained a couple of pounds! Pretty good, huh?

17 thoughts on “Sir Pantsalot’s Update

  1. We would hate to see you have to fight those dragons alone! We are so honored to be part of your army. So glad to hear you are feeling better. So sorry things have been so tough. Give that Sage a kiss for us and for the rest of your family who are helping you with this brave battle. 24 Paws Crossed! 🙂


  2. Dear Toby! We are sorry to hear you have had so hard battle and we hope so much that you will be better, find your appetite and get some more weight! Sage won’t let you go yet and we don’t let you go! You are in our thoughts and we send you our love and kisses!
    Nero, Hanna, Foxy & Teje
    Ps. Nelli sends a hug, too!


  3. Toby, know that we are so happy to hear you have gained a couple of lbs. That you are fighting the good fight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You hang in there Toby, we are with you!!! We love you and want you to win the fight!!
    xx Happy & Fern


  4. Toby, glad to hear you are gaining some weight! And happy to hear that Sage is fighting with you! We are also in your corner in this battle. Keep getting better my friend!


  5. Bravo, Toby! That’s excellent news about putting on a couple of el-bees! You are brave and tough … and handsome! Enjoy those walks and that food … another helping for Sir Pantsalot!

    -Chandra at Daley’s Dog Years


  6. Hi Y’all!

    Toby you keep listenin’ to Sage! She needs you fella!

    Sounds like you’re doin’ good right now. Keep enjoyin’ the moments Toby, keep enjoyin’!

    Paws crossed here that you keep on track and your sword stays sharp!

    Hawk aka BrownDog


  7. Bravo, Toby! What a brave knight you are and what battles you have fought! Lady Caroline Lamb is wishing you the best and wanting you to keep slaying those dragons.


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