Snowberries & Mud

I know, I know. There’s suppose to be mud. Well, there was some, but let me tell you what happened. We went for a looooong hike out at 1000 Acres–about 6 miles–and ended up at the Columbia River again. A new part. We took a new trail and walked and walked and walked. I ran, Mom walked.

Then I swam. In case you’re wondering, that’s Camas, Washington on the other side of the river. I wonder if I can swim that far?

And then we walked some more. I was pooped, let me tell you. I think Mom was trying to run me into the ground! She was in a hurry to get back so she could put this stain stuff on the basement floor. Remember I told you they were working on it? The guy that keeps coming over is almost done. I’m sure glad about that!

But you want to know about mud. I just KNOW it! Well, we found some. Sure did! And I stayed out of it. Walked right around this and tons and tons of mud-puddles. Without a leash! Pretty good, huh?

I didn’t want to tell Mom it was because I was T I R E D. Let her think I’m being clean for once. πŸ™‚

On our way back, we saw these funny white balls growing on bushes. Mom said they were Snowberries. Wow! Wooly Caterpillars one time and now Snowberries. What does that mean?

17 thoughts on “Snowberries & Mud

  1. We are sure glad you did not swim across to Camas you would have been more than tired but we know you are a great swimmer. Yes!! mud. Snow berries we have never seen those. Hugs and nose kisses sweet Sage


  2. Sage, I can’t believe you passed up such wonderful mud! Is it possible you are becoming as fastidious as me? Yes, you heard me! I AM very fastidious, except for the occasional drool that ends up across my snout when I shake my head. I’ve never been to that part of the Columbia. I am jealous of your wonderful walk. Take me with you next time!!!


  3. Heck 6 miles I’m not surprised you were pooped, we have them snowberries over here, if you stamp on them they make a popping sound lol!!
    Have a good week hope you find some good mud to roll in on your next hike
    See Yea George xxx


  4. Sage, be furry careful gurlfurrend. If’n you walk around the puddulls then your mom mite think sumpin be wrong and you mite end up at the V-E-T for blood stealing!!!! Even if’n you be tired it mite be in your best interest just to splosh at least one time in the muds fur show, you know. Just lookin’ out fur you here.


  5. Wow Sage, you live really close to mama’s cousin who lives in Washougal and my doggie family with the puppies in Vancouver WA. Small world!


  6. Boy, you walked around a mud puddle? You really must have been tired, Sage. I guess you were worried your feet would get stuck and you wouldn’t have the strength to pull them free.


  7. I googles Camas and it appeared that you may be in Sandy River Delta Park. Is that the case? It gave me a better perspective of your world. Snowberries are squishy…we used to throw them at each other as children…sorry who ever got my bull’s eye in the noggin! Oh yeah, winter’s acoming just around the corner!!


  8. Ooh, I’ve never seen snowberries before, they’re cool! Great news about the basement being nearly finished, we’ve had a few friends who’ve had guys coming over to their basements for years!

    -Chandra at Daley’s Dog Years


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