Sleepy Time

Early in the morning, I don’t care who I sleep with.Now, if she starts snuggling, like these kittehs do with TobyI’ll be sure I’m slipping….

Pee Ess: This is an old picture taken WAY before Toby got his sickies. They still snuggle like that though….

18 thoughts on “Sleepy Time

  1. Hooroo Sage, I’m back from holidaycamp! What’s that on your head? It looks very pink. Did you knock it on something? My Typist kicked mine last night on her way to the toilet. She can’t see too well in the dark. Lucky I’m very forgiving. Kiss x, your friend Georgia.


    • Nothing’s wrong with Sage’s head–that’s the inside of her ear! I used the flash as it was (and still is) a dark and gloomy day–especially at 5:30am. Her ears are almost always up (that’s the Kelpie in her) so the flash must have reflected. Good thing they were clean.


  2. Sage, Bambi and Happy would sleep touching but Happy is not that friendly with Zoie and probably will not live long enough to be friendly like that with Zoie!! Happy is 19 to 21 years old.
    It didn’t happen over night with Bambi!!!
    Cute pictures!!
    xx, Zoie & Fern


  3. Vof Sage! Toby is so sweet but we don’t snuggle with the cats, aren’t we?! One day they are your friends and on other moment they ‘give you 5 nails’! I hope Mystic doesn’t do that!
    Hugs from Nero
    PS. Great photos!


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