Muddy Monday

Yesterday, we went to 1000 Acres in search of mud. Well, I did any way. Mom said I needed some major run time because I was getting a little crazy. Tucker and I play a good game of “show-the-teeth” and, this time, left Caly way behind. We even picked up a few extra furiends in this race.  On through the grasses we went, racing and tumbling and then racing some more. It sure felt good!Tunnels are one of my most favoritest agility things and every chance I get, in I go. (You’ll have to pardon the bad picture quality–Mom forgot her camera and had to use her phone. I think she needs to get a new one.) We followed a deer trail down into the grasses. It was pretty soggy, but still no mud. What’s up with that? Further and further we went.And then, there it was! A mud-hole! Except there wasn’t much mud. Okay, okay–it’s a pretty puny excuse for real M..U..D.I did have to have a bath afterwards, but it was worth it–don’tcha think?


15 thoughts on “Muddy Monday

  1. When I saw the pictures of you running, I wanted to join you! My Mom tells me to be patient, and she will take me back to 1000 Acres again. I sure hope so! Maybe you can come with us!


  2. That looks like the greatest place in the world! Nothing better than running and romping in the open fields. You all look like you are having a blast!!

    If there is any mud, we know that you could find it Sage. 🙂


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