Fun at the Sandy

December is supposed to be a very rainy month here in the Northwest, but there’s something called La Niña out there, messing up the weather. Not that I’m complaining, mind you. We’ve had some really lovely sunny (but cold, sometimes) days this month, which means I get to have FUN. And we did. Caly, Tucker & I met out at 1000 Acres and the romp was on–or maybe it was….”chew on Sage time”!At least at this point. Don’t worry, I can give back as well as take it. All in a day’s fun, right?

We haven’t been to the Sandy River part of this park in a long time! But, today, we did!Mom has a new *smart* phone and decided to see if the camera was smarter than her old one. Of course, I got to fetch a stick so she could try it out. And create water bubbles.

And bounce out along the sand bar. I had to get way out there to do some swimming!After some time in the river–yes, it was cold, but who cares–we found a tree that must have washed down earlier this fall/winter. Good place to practice my agility!

Then, I had to do some problem-solving. There was this stick stuck in the sand–see? I thought Mom should throw it in the river so I could bring it back, but it was stuck. Really stuck.

I dug out one end and started on the other.I dug and dug and went back to dig some more on the other end. And, there it was! I did it!  I freed it from all that sand. Pretty big stick, huh? Mom said it was so big that she’d need a cannon to shoot it out into the river. She’s a wimp, don’tcha think?

I do have to tell you to check back on Monday. I FINALLY have a Muddy Monday that will rival some of my better ones. I looove mud, don’t you?

12 thoughts on “Fun at the Sandy

  1. Wow! Sweet Sage what fun water time you had and that looks like some mighty fun tussling too. That was a big limb but we can see that you handled it very well. Good job! We can’t wait to see your mud pictures…we know how much you love mud! Hugs and nose kisses


  2. Such a great place you have there to go and enjoy your day with your pup friends. Nice agility moves too, but we can’t believe you went in that cold water. Brrrr. We would rather have snow. But we will be back to see the fun in the mud – joy, joy, joy!

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning


  3. Sage I love seeing your play days. You look like such a fun dog!!! So happy all the time!!!
    Zoie is a happy dog too now a days!!! She doesn’t have any water to play in but she has lots of critters smells to chase and she surely does a lot of that!!


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