A Visit

Ever since I was a young pup, Mom’s been taking me to the UPS Store, Home Depot and the bank.  I especially like the bank because the biscuits are HUGE. I wonder if it’s because she gives them a lot of paper? If they gave her some of that paper, would I have to give them a biscuit? I haven’t figured that out yet–I just hope they don’t run out of biscuits.

We went someplace new the other day. Someplace I’d never been. Mom said I had to be REALLY, REALLY GOOD. (I thought I was all the time?) We went in the doors and Mom stopped and had to put her name on something. I was looking around–I sure hope she put my name there too.

We went in some more doors and after they closed, the floor started moving. That was pretty weird. Then the doors opened and we went out and there she was! My favorite neighbor!! What was she doing here? Mom said she had her knee fixed and had to stay here for a while to learn how to make it work again. I just knew I was going to be really good–I didn’t even jump on her! I was minding my manners, like Mom told me.I got to meet a whole bunch more people. They petted me and said what a good dog I was. Then we went in my friend’s room. There was another person there who I went over to meet. She wanted to pet me too–I was sure glad I wasn’t stinky or anything. You have to be careful about what you roll in before you go to one of these places. I’m pretty sure about that.

My friend said I could get on her bed–that way she could give me some belly rubs. I liked visiting here! Mom said maybe we should take some classes and do it some more.

20 thoughts on “A Visit

  1. Cool, you were being a therapy dog like me! And your right about the stinky part, Mama wouldn’t take me with her yesterday to the Infusion Center cuz I went and hid when she wanted to shower me. She said I would be to stinky and she stuck to her word and made me stay home 😦


  2. Vof Sage! I am so proud of you – you did great job! I know you gave joy and great moment for the people you visited! My friend ‘Obi’ The Lucky Puppy goes to work with his mom and it is so important to those people with ‘special mind’! Have a wonderful weekend! x Nero


  3. Sage, you’re one of the coolest dogs I know. You certainly were a hit with your neighbor and her friends. I think it’s a splendid idea for you to make your rounds, wag your tail and make more folks happy.

    Tom, mom Julie & Mittens


  4. Awwwwww, Sage now that was just sweet and we bet your favorite neighbor was so happy to see you. What a good visitor you are. We bet there are a lot of people that would love to meet you and see you come to visit them. Hugs and nose kisses


  5. Hi Sage! You are my best blogger friend and I love your happy stories and wonderful photos! That’s why I want to give you an award: ‘Collies Choice of Best Blogger’! This award is for the best written blog and I think you write really great stories! You are welcome to pick your award at my blog!
    Hugs from Nero & Teje


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