What’s that suppose to mean? “Enough”? I’ve heard it a LOT here lately and somehow it happens when I decide to bark. Here I am, peacefully sitting in my condowatching the world go by. Then, what do I see? A pesky squirrel. Sitting on MY fence! So, what are you suppose to do? Me? I bark. And then I hear: ENOUGH! And then Mom closes my mouth with her hands–I guess ENOUGH! means I need to keep it shut. Ya think?

Same when a dog walks by and I’m outdoors. My hackles come up and out comes the bark. I can’t help it–someone has to defend our property. Right?

I’ve pretty well figured it out though. I hear ENOUGH! and stop barking. At least until I forget and do it again….

20 thoughts on “Enough!

  1. Oh, we hear you Sage. That happens at our house too. Like when we are telling the pesky pussy cat who climbs on our back fence that it’s our back fence. Or when the naughty dogs walk in front of our house and we have to tell them that it’s our front garden and they shouldn’t walk past it. Or when the good ones walk in front of our house and we tell them we’d like them to come in and play. Enough with the Enough! Bella & Beary x


  2. Jumpin’s…that’s not fair…we has to bark…we are the protectors of our domain….Sage…guess what..you and I would have a ball barking until the cows come home here at my place…I live next door to a vet… aaaawwwoowooooooofff!


  3. Oh sweet Sage, you are so right (don’t tell your mom I said that). What’s a girl to do? One time my little Meeka saw a cat on our back wall, she took off running toward it, full speed, but she didn’t watch where she was going and ran right into the swimming pool! Boy was she shocked! Those little legs and paws were moving around like mad! Now she just sits by the door and bark.


  4. Hi Y’all,

    Just hopped by to catch up on your happenings and say hello!

    Hey Sage, I hear “quiet”! I bark to alert to strangers or to tell the Humans I need something. They do respond, but want me to shut up as soon as they do!

    Hey…they always talk to each other and yak at me, so why can’t I yak back?

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog


  5. Vof Sage! I guess enough (arketa/αρκετα) means that we shouldn’t bark. But if we just have to say it?! I don’t bark so much, but Hanna does and Foxy – oh my she is too loud! I love your special place to look out!
    Hugs from Nero


  6. Bella can relate, Sage. She keeps telling us all she’s trying to do is protect her home and we keep telling her our home doesn’t need protection from falling leaves, never mind squirrels! We taught her “quiet” which she does very well under normal circumstances but it’s like she goes deaf when her excitement goes up and it just doesn’t register. I’m very impressed with you and your mom that you stop barking at all under these circumstances – that’s a pretty big accomplishment. 🙂


  7. We don’t like that word around here…we think we are supposed to bark at everything that moves so Mumsy can look and see what is going on. We like to make sure she gets plenty exercise getting up and down and walking to the door and window. Pretty good idea doncha think sweet Sage? We know she means business though after the second or third “enough” so most of the hush then. Hugs and nose kisses


  8. Hi Sage!
    Yes, the collies agree, there is the need to defend the property. However, after the first salvo I explained to them that I am aware and will handle it… LOL… they don’t like it either! Keep up the great work in defending your home!

    God Bless You!
    The Collies and Chuck 🙂


  9. Hey Sage,

    My Mum uses that word too sometimes – although her favourite now is when she whispers – “Bark Quietly”!! Doh!!

    I don’t think they understand what an important job we have, I mean do they want the garden overrun with Squirrels? Huh?! 🙂

    Have fun buddy,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂


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