Mudless Ball

Mom found a new place not too far away where we can go play ball and I don’t get muddy. I sure don’t know what’s wrong with getting muddy, but it has something to do with some meeting Mom has to go to and a bath. Maybe she’s going to have a bath at the meeting. Or maybe the meeting’s about baths. I don’t know…it just sounds too complex for me….

Sage. No. You have it all wrong. I have to go to a meeting and there is no time to give you a bath! Got it?

Um, yes, Mom. No mud puddles….no 1000 Acres…no bath. Can we show a re-run, like they do on TV?

How about we play ball for a bit, then we’ll talk about re-runs. How does that sound?

OK, I'm in position. Pitch that ball!

Here it eye's on the ball!

Good thing I'm agile, Mom. You threw that a bit off there....

Deep throat?

Or nose butt?

And all without mud……

14 thoughts on “Mudless Ball

  1. I don’t get agile dogs like you, Sage. I’m not agile. It’s a bit hard to fly when you’re 46kgs. Anyway, I’m happy you’re not having a bath today. I hope for the best myself. I’ve been having 3-4 baths a week the last 2 weeks. The excuse is some allergy. Likely story eh. Happy week! x


  2. What fantastic pictures of you playing ball sweet Sage…next time you get to go get in the mud put on some extra layers…that outta do it. Hugs and nose kisses


  3. Sage, I love coming to your blog all the time, just to see your pretty face. You are a fabulous athlete! I know it’s hard, but sometimes we just have to stay clean. Maybe next Monday!!


  4. Hey Sage,

    You’re sooo good at that game!! Love those action shots, how does your Mum get them, they’re not blurry? My Mum always wants me to stay still or she gets blurry pics, like you can stay still when you’re catching a ball?! Huh? πŸ™‚

    Have fun

    Your pal Snoopy πŸ™‚


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