Best Laid Plans

I like to “go to the store” with Mom. Sometimes I actually get to go in and other times I wait in the car. Today was one of those wait-in-the-car days. BUT, Mom had a surprise! She found a park near the store that had a pretty nice off-leash area. One we’ve never been to, but we’re always open for new things. Especially when she says “Let’s play ball!And we did! She pitched and I raced. Up in the air and back to Mom. Time and time again. (Well, with a little time out for some sniffs…after all, it was a new park.)

Even though it was only 40 degrees F outside, I was hotter than a pistol. And guess what I found?

A wonderfully glorious bone-chilling puddle!

Do I look happy or what?

There's no better way to cool down than a puddle of water. Especially if there's mud involved.

I don’t really know why Mom was shaking her head…do you?

Mom: I do! Remember? Meeting. No bath.

Sage: “Ha! Fooled you!!