Hats of Hope

Although I hadn’t been following Judi over at SASS with Sammy, Andy, Shelly and Sierra, I found out she’s going through some scary stuff right now and it’s not lookin’ good. And there are lots of us in Blogville that want to support her.

Mom said I had to wear a hat (eeeeewwwww), so I pulled myself together and did it! I put on a hat just for you. And, I didn’t even eat it.

Judi, Mom said to tell you she is hoping and praying all will be well. She has been there and knows how hard the waiting game is.

13 thoughts on “Hats of Hope

  1. You know Sage, the gig is up. The kitteh is out of the bag. We always fling hats off our heads the second our moms put them on us but me too, I sat pritty and quietly and did not fling the hat off and let mom take her time taking pikshures just fur Miss Judi. Now they know we akshually CAN do it. Hey, mebbe the moms will furget! By the way, that hat matches your furs bootifully.


  2. I use to follow Judi but she stopped coming to see me so I stopped going to see her. But I have been to her blog just yesterday and am praying for her many times a day!!!
    Sage you looked so so pretty in that hat !!! I am proud of you for not eating it!!! You are growing up!!!


  3. Oh Sage, you look just so pretty in your straw hat!!! we know that Miss Judi is feeling all the Blogville love – very nice of you to do this too.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning


  4. Sweet Sage you look adorable in the hat and we are so proud of you for wearing it for our sweet friend Judi over at SASS we are keeping the prayers going for her. Hugs and nose kisses


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