You’re Throwing WHAT at Me?

Some dogs like Frisbees, but that’s never been my thing. Give me a ball any time! We were out at 1000 Acres, where I usually don’t play ball. **I KNOW you know what I do, but that’s for another day.**

There weren’t too many of my kind there that day so I did what any self-respecting dog does. I found a ball.

Here it comes!

I do a pretty good job of catching those balls.

Got it

I like to be airborne sometimes. Ya' gotta do whatcha gotta do.

I'm Ready!

Here comes another!

Got it!

So, why can’t I catch a treat when someone throws it at me? The concept seems to allude me…..

While I’m working on it, please join me at the Saturday Pet Blog Hop. That’s always a treat!