If It’s Monday, It’s Muddy!

There’s been plenty of rain here lately and I know some of you are wondering “Where’s the mud?” Never fear, I won’t let you down. Although Mom was scratching her head the other day (when we went to Mt. Tabor) — I found several mud pits and DIDN’T wallow in them. I was so clean that I even surprised myself!

But not this time. No sirree! There was mud galore out at 1000 Acres and I wasn’t going to waste a minute!

This is always my first and most mud-productive puddle. I've had some of my best wallows here.

I was sorta a "fountain of mud".

Moving on, I found a ball but the puddle took first place.

I thought I'd stir it up a bit at this point. Wave action is good for the skin, but only when it's combined with mud. At least, that's what I think!

And, of course, you have to shake off some of the excess.

What's that, Mom? I'm the Queen of Mud?

I guess there could be worse titles……

I’ll catch up with you in a day or two after Mom recovers from a little minor surgery. I’m going to spend my time practicing “therapy dog”!