Still Dreamin’

I’m not too sure why hu-mans put their heads on these fluffy things they call pillows, but Mom and Dad do it every night. I often go in and pull down the covers for them, but last night, I wanted to try this pillow thing out. I think you’re suppose to pull it down and make a nest for your head. At least that’s what I did.

I had my favorite ball with me and all of a sudden, I started dreaming of a day at the beach. Now that was pretty awesome–maybe this pillow is magic! Then, somewhere back in the nether-reaches of my mind, I remembered the guys over at 24 Paws of Love  wondering whether I ever dreamed about steaks. Are you kiddin’? I was about to slobber all over Mom’s pillow.

Not sure how much of this beauty sleep I can take, but I heard Mom talking about 1000 Acres. Do you think dreams come true??