Still Dreamin’

I’m not too sure why hu-mans put their heads on these fluffy things they call pillows, but Mom and Dad do it every night. I often go in and pull down the covers for them, but last night, I wanted to try this pillow thing out. I think you’re suppose to pull it down and make a nest for your head. At least that’s what I did.

I had my favorite ball with me and all of a sudden, I started dreaming of a day at the beach. Now that was pretty awesome–maybe this pillow is magic! Then, somewhere back in the nether-reaches of my mind, I remembered the guys over at 24 Paws of Love  wondering whether I ever dreamed about steaks. Are you kiddin’? I was about to slobber all over Mom’s pillow.

Not sure how much of this beauty sleep I can take, but I heard Mom talking about 1000 Acres. Do you think dreams come true??

14 thoughts on “Still Dreamin’

  1. Yes pillows are wonderful aren’t they? Sugar Plum loves them, Meeka does too, but not as much. Dreams of steak, wow, can’t think of much better


  2. i hope they do Sage. that steak sure looks yum.

    and guess what? this morning, i nabbed The Typist’s pillow while she wasn’t looking. the whole thing! haha! she couldn’t get me to budge and she had to sit up in her own bed. i rule!


  3. I wish your dreams come true! With so beautiful quilt, pillows and curtains, it’s sure you have sweet dreams! Happy weekend! x Nero


  4. Hi Sage,

    We believe dreams do come true. Sometimes it takes a little while but if you work at it they happen. We’re off to search for magic pillows in our house.

    Bella and DiDi 🙂


  5. You sure look comfortable and so happy! Pillows are great and the collies here love all pillows! 🙂 You sure are beautiful and those dreams are wonderful! mmmmmmm…. steak!!! May your dreams all come true. 🙂

    Your friends,
    the collies and chuck 🙂


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