The Final Battle

Toby here: The battle has raged for almost two years now. I’m tired and pretty battle-scared. My special vet gave me lots of potions, but that evil spinal myleopathy dragon has mortally wounded me. Sage has been at my side all the way and has been licking my ears lately…I think she secretly hopes there’s some magic that will help. I tell her it’s time to go over the Rainbow Bridge.

I’ve seen Maggie beckoning on the other side, so I know it’s time.

She told me my legs will work again and I’ll be able to run and play with her.

Don’t be sad, Sage. I’ll be there for you when you see something new and it scares you. I’ve taught you a lot and it’s time for me to go. 

So, in my regal status as Sir Pantsalot of the Round Bowl, I now bequeath you my sword, and all my worldly goods. Be strong, little one. I love you.
Mom here: Toby went over the Rainbow Bridge today. He fought a valiant fight, but yesterday could no longer stand on his own and progressively got worse. We knew it was time. The vet came to the house and his struggles are now over. Sage was with him to the end.

Run free, Toby. We will miss you. A lot.