What Can I Say

This is Mom: We have been blown away with all the amazing support everyone has given us. What can we say except THANK YOU. It has meant sooooo much to know all of you are so caring and supportive. Putting your best furiend down is a hard decision to make and you always wonder “is it the right time”….”should we do it”?  Somehow you know. I think Toby knew.

Sage is doing fine. I think being with Toby to the end was good for her. We watched her carefully, as did the vet, during the whole procedure to ensure it wasn’t too much for her. (Lots of treats helped.) I think dogs process death a bit better than humans, and hopefully this gave her a sense of why Toby is no longer here. She seems to miss him, but we are staying busy.

Sage will be back with all her adventures really soon. She’s miffed that I’m taking the ‘puter away with me to San Francisco. She’ll be home with Dad though, cooking up some new schemes to find the nearest mud-puddle!