What Can I Say

This is Mom: We have been blown away with all the amazing support everyone has given us. What can we say except THANK YOU. It has meant sooooo much to know all of you are so caring and supportive. Putting your best furiend down is a hard decision to make and you always wonder “is it the right time”….”should we do it”?  Somehow you know. I think Toby knew.

Sage is doing fine. I think being with Toby to the end was good for her. We watched her carefully, as did the vet, during the whole procedure to ensure it wasn’t too much for her. (Lots of treats helped.) I think dogs process death a bit better than humans, and hopefully this gave her a sense of why Toby is no longer here. She seems to miss him, but we are staying busy.

Sage will be back with all her adventures really soon. She’s miffed that I’m taking the ‘puter away with me to San Francisco. She’ll be home with Dad though, cooking up some new schemes to find the nearest mud-puddle!

22 thoughts on “What Can I Say

  1. I’m glad Sage is doing well after all this as I hope you slowly feel better too. Keeping busy definitely helps, I know. I hope your trip goes well and that Sage has fun with her Dad!


  2. I’m happy to hear that Sage is fine! As you said perhaps it’s something acceptable to the dogs even they surely miss they friends. Have a lovely journey to your daughter and give hugs to Sage! x Teje


  3. Good to hear that Sage is OK. Phantom had a tough time dealing with the loss of Dakota, but he wasn’t with her at the end.

    Take time to heal.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning


  4. We are happy to hear Sage is doing well. Never any easy decision even when you know it is time. I think it is interesting that Sage was there to the end. I’ve never heard of that. Our vet will only do it in her office.

    Have a safe trip. And I agree, I think dogs process death differently than humans. Take care.


  5. Sounds as though you are all begining to heal. I do agree that animals seem to have an instinctual knowledge that this is a normal process. Glad you are doing well.


  6. Hello Sage’s mama,

    I’m sorry I just read about this today. I know what a hard, long battle Toby fought. In the end, we all just want our dogs to no longer be in pain. You did good.

    BIG HUGS to you and Sage, who I’m sure will be fine because she was able to say goodbye to her friend.


  7. We are still thinking about you all facing a possible decision like this with Trevor. It is a heartbreaking and horrible decision to make. Know we pray for you during your time of mourning. God Bless You and Keep You! 🙂


  8. OMGoodness, I am so sorry for your losses. It is so hard for us who love our pets. Thank you for visiting me today, it is just so sad and I’m heartbroken. I really miss her.
    Thank you again.


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