What do Baths have to do with Slugs?

I guess, in my case at least, a lot! You see, it rains a LOT in Oregon, but summer is a..l..m..o..s..t here and they’re (*they* being the weather people) saying it’ll be a hot one this year. But we have some pretty cool places to hike.

I think my crowning achievement was about to come.

But, first, we saw this slug. This is probably a “banana slug”, but I sure wouldn’t want to eat it. They sure grow big here in Oregon!

But, you ask, what does that have to do with anything? Well, water grows big slugs and what else?


Yes, I found a mud-puddle. (Mom said I could find water in the desert…I wonder if I could get a job as a divining rod?)

The only problem with Powell Butte is that there are no rivers or ponds. I promised to stay in one place in the car and not move and not get the car any dirtier and not shake and not get any more mud on Mom. Pshew…that was a lot of nots!!

I think my mud-bath was one of the best yet! I even got to try out my friend’s new outdoor tub.

Worked pretty well!

Pee Ess: Just in case you’re thinking that’s not a lot of mud, Mom took the hose to me before she’d let me get in the new tub….

15 thoughts on “What do Baths have to do with Slugs?

  1. That’a a posh bath tub, and as for slugs Tess brings them in the house!!! sometimes they slime her and it takes mom a while to get it out of her furs!! plus she has eaten them to, yuk! its ok our worming tablets cover for heart worm thank goodness.
    Anyways good to see you in the mud bath 😉
    have a good week
    See Yea George xxx


  2. Yucky!! That slug looks all slimy we don’t like them. We think you could make lots of money sweet Sage if you would search out water for people…if water and mud can be found we would place our money on you to find it. That tub is mighty fine! We will gladly take that rain you are gonna send. Hugs and nose kisses


  3. Cool mud puddle, Sage. Nice spa arrangement too although we prefer to avoid those baths. Slugs – ewwwwwww.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning


  4. Blech – some of our slugs are so big that you could twist an ankle on them!! I think you could find a mud puddle anywhere, nice work! Love that bathing station 🙂


  5. Wow. That slug looks very “gross” but the MUD looks FUNominal!!!! The outdoor tub is a great idea….my mom was really cking it out…
    Still keep missing you at 1000 acres but it looks like you get around to a lot of other places!! My mom is calling it “Junuary” and it sure doesn’t feel like summer yet which means a lot of puddle time!
    Hope to see you soon…
    With care, Mr Bentley Stafford


  6. Hey Sage,

    That’s a very posh Doggie Bath, I just get the hose!! Doh!! And I don’t even get to roll in mud puddles, or see any slugs….. Glad you’re having so much fun buddy 🙂

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂


  7. That is one cool bath tub! You are indeed a lucky dog. Ick – slugs. When I was a kid, we would take a salt shaker outside and sprinkle salt on the slugs. Then we would run and slide down the mess. Was fun then, but kind of grosses me out now.


  8. Yach… but who knows? You look so fun running in the greens and that new bath tube is really great! That would help so much your mom, washing all the time that mud from your fur! x Teje


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