I Didn’t Mean to Eat It–

–honest. But first….

You know there are hungry doggies and kittehs living with homeless and less fortunate people. You’ve seen them. On the sidewalks or street corners of your home town. Or they could be the canine/feline members of a family who are having hard times making ends meet.

Your heart goes out to them. Are they fed regularly or at all? What’s going to happen to them? “For families that canโ€™t afford to feed their pets, the consequences are greater than just an empty stomach. Many pets will be surrendered to already overburdened shelters, many more will be abandoned. Finding new homes for these pets are never guaranteed. Families will be torn apart, simply because thereโ€™s not enough money to buy pet food.

I thought this was so important that I wanted to tell you about the Pongo Fund–a food bank for these guys—right here in Portland! It was established in memory of Pongo, an almost 19-year-old canine gourmet who ‘lived his years with zest and insisted on making each and every meal a culinary adventure‘. And now hungry doggies and kittehs will know where their next meal will come from. And, by the way, only quality food is purchased with donations to this fund.

See that brown one? Right there. That’s the one!

So, you want to know what happened. Well, I went to a fund-raiser event last weekend and volunteers were making cute pipe cleaner pets. I picked one out and Mom gave them lots of green papers. Then we went to Uncle Mark’s house to water plants and check out the chickens and bees and apple trees and berry bushes and….pshew, that was a lot!

I guarded the carbut, Mom and Dad took a little too long.

I tried to eat our pipe cleaner doggie.Sorry, Mom.

I didn’t mean to.


Pee Ess: It didn’t have any good flavors, so I left it to remind me that I am fortunate.

Not everyone is.

12 thoughts on “I Didn’t Mean to Eat It–

  1. That is a wonderful project in honor of Pongo. We hope it does well.

    Now about that pipe cleaner pup – very cute – and still looks to be in good shape. Good thing Lightning wasn’t there.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning


  2. Dear Sage, you are so great and thinking always others. Unfortunately there are so many dogs without having proper care and food; too many totally homeless and the economical crises just makes it worse. I’m so happy that we could save Hanna (my ‘sister’) and found new homes to ‘Obi’, ‘Hania’ and kitten ‘Stavros.
    I have been reading many your earlier posts and enjoyed them so much. I’m subscribed to your blog but the e-mails go to my old address, even I try to change it. Sorry that I haven’t been here so often lately! You are my favourite blog friend and I send you hugs and kisses! xxx Nero


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