My Ocean Adventure

Bags were packed and stuff was being hauled out to the car. It was Mom & Dad’s anniversary.

What does this mean? Was I being left behind? I was a bit worried, but pretty soon I was going out to the car too! YIPPEE–an adventure!!

And, not only was it an adventure…it was a beach adventure.  One of my favoritest places to be! Surf was up the day we got there.

I love, love, love water, but I wasn’t crazy enough to go in THAT! Those waves even sucked my ball out, but if you wait long enough, they brought it back. Waves are nice like that….

I thought we’d go home–that’s what we usually do–but there was a reason for those suitcases. There are lots of places that like dogs along the coast and the one we stayed at, Historic Anchor Inn, was a place we’ve been to before (Mom reminds me I ran out our cabin door at 1:30 am that time…I just wanted to explore. I guess my only defense is that I was less than a year old then). But, I behaved impeccably this time, I’ll have you know.

Dinner was in Depoe Bay (not me…I wasn’t allowed) and Mom & Dad saw a whale crossing the bay…blowing out it’s blowhole. (Mom wished she could have gotten a picture, but it was too far out). Pretty cool, huh?

Next stop…Moolack Beach. Check back tomorrow for more of my adventure!

13 thoughts on “My Ocean Adventure

  1. OH, that beach looks like a great place for you to run and have fun, Sage. We think you are wise to stay away from that surf – can’t have the waves deciding whether to return you or not. We are happy the ball came rolling back.

    Happy Anniversary to Mom and Dad, and it is so nice of them to take you along.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning


  2. Wow!! What a great adventure you are getting to go on. It sure is sweet of you to take time to share with us. You all enjoy! Happy Anniversary to your mom and dad sweet Sage. Hugs and nose kisses


  3. Sage-
    How great that you got to go on an anniversary trip with your peeps. Everything looks perfect. It looks like your folks ate at Tidal Raves in Depot Bay. Lovely spot, great food!

    Wyatt and mom


  4. Wow! What a wonderful adventure! Happy anniversary to Mr. and Mrs. Sage!

    Mr. and Mrs. Bella are going to be celebrating their upcoming anniversary by the shore as well and we’re taking Bella, too! We hope she’s as brave, AND smart, as you around the ocean but we bought her a life-jacket just in case anyway.

    Your beaches are gorgeous and I can see why your mom and dad chose to have dinner where they did – what a beautiful, romantic place. 🙂


  5. Hiya Sage! Savannah here! I just hopped over from my blog after I saw your comment on Chancy’s interview…isn’t Chancy a brave dog??!! And his Mumsy and Popsy are really great in helping him recover from awful abuse…,every one is a winner…enjoy your stay at the beach! That is a nice part of Oregon! paw pats, Savannah


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