Where’d I Go?

I bet some of you wondered. Mom was sooooooo bad. She took my computer and drove away, leaving me here all alone. Even Dad went too. But then one of my bestest human friends came over and stayed with me! We had so much fun and lots of adventures, but you’ll have to wait for that–I promise it won’t be long….

So, where did they go? (I didn’t go anywhere, but you know that already.) All the way to San Francisco for Poppy’s 1st birthday…she’s that little girl we talk to all the time on Skype and Mom goes to see every few months.


Poppy loved opening her presents–the paper and boxes were the bestest. I would think so too…I like the crinkly stuff, don’t you?




I sent her big smoochy kisses that I KNOW she loved.



Poppy had a BIG cake that her Mom decorated with poppies. I would have liked to have eaten the whole thing, but Mom says dogs can’t have chocolate. She’s smart that way.


And all of a sudden, they were home!! I was soooo excited. And, Mom brought me a present. Just for ME!! She missed me…I just know it.

It’s a really comfy raincoat made right here in Oregon. You know the rainy season is coming…for the next 9 months. And it’s purple with reflective stripes so when Mom and I go biking, I’ll be a bit safer.

Of course, I had to see how it rolled in the dry grass.

Pretty good, I’d say.

Thanks, Mom! Can I take it off now?

9 thoughts on “Where’d I Go?

  1. Little Poppy is one already???? How time flies. Look at those huge blue eyes – what a doll!!!

    And Sage, that’s a very nice raincoat. Guess it isn’t made for the mud though:)

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning


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