Trillium Lake

The big dogs–Toby & Heidi

The day started out perfectly–the sun was shining and we were going for a hike. Mom took me to our friend’s house and we got in the car with her 3 dogs (Toby II, Macy & Heidi). Somehow, we all fit!

I squeezed between Macy & Toby (They were my very first friends when I was a pup!)


You’ve met them before.


They’re my pack.




Heidi doesn’t scare me anymore. She’s just a big goof of a St. Bernard. We arrived at Trillium Lake and all piled out of the car…ready for our adventure! There are 12 glaciers on Mount Hood…you can see several here.  There sure isn’t much snow! In fact, Mount Hood has lost more than a third of its ice since first measurements in the early 20th century.

There’s a nice path around the lake, so we took off! I found several stumps.

That was a BIG tree

The sun was shining through the trees.There were walkways over areas that probably are pretty wet. It’s been really dry here in the Pacific Northwest, so there was no extra water anywhere! (It started raining today, so all that changes!)This is my new buddy, Heidi. We have a good time together!

We stopped for lunch here and I got my furs wet.I think this is where I found the marijuana.

Mom thought it was some kind of animal skat…you can sure tell she knows nothing about drugs! 🙂 I guess it’s a good thing I ‘drop’ when she says ‘leave it’. Even so, I had to sneak a bite. Let me tell you, it was even tastier than skat. 😦  I’m all better now and ready for my next adventure! (Yeah, right, Sage. You’d better not do this again!!)

I’ll leave you with some more views of Trillium Lake.

28 thoughts on “Trillium Lake

  1. Well, Sage, I don’t normally agree with your Mom (after all, us pups need to stick together!), but I was really worried about you. Maybe you should stop being a pothead!! It will be safer!


  2. Fantastic post Sage. I love the beautiful photos. The one of you squeezed between Macy & Toby is very lovely 🙂 It’s worrying that Mount Hood has lost more than a third of its ice. I suppose it’s another symptom of the climate change that is taking place 😦


  3. Hi guys, it’s nice to meet you.
    We just discovered your blog and we wanted to say hi ^^
    OMD, this photos are stuning, you are so so lucky to live next to this beautiful lake !!

    Woos of love.

    Echo & Link


  4. Sage, no more pot for you, it is even worse than scat! But this was a great adventure for you and your pals. Your Mom got some awesome photos.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning


  5. Hey Sage, Jet here.

    What a gorgeous outing with your friends. We’re a smidge jealous! About the …. ya know… the stuff… how odd to find it where you did! Here in the tropics, the humans find it most in houses with a funny name… grow houses! We know this because Mr. Fred, who used to live here before I did, represents those humans!


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