Wow! Awards for Little ‘Ol Me!

I’ve been really bad about awards here lately, but Misty Shores Chesapeakes just passed on a bunch of new awards to me (here too)! And since I’m recuperating (Mom won’t let me out of her sight) from my little “oops“, I thought I’d let you know what I got. I loooooooooove presents and this was a really wonderful one. Well, a bunch of ‘ones’.







I guess I have to tell you stuff about me, or maybe Mom. I read Misty Shores list and there’s a lot Mom likes too!

1. Mom: Chocolate…is there any kind other than dark?

2. Mom: Loves fall best of all.

3. Me: I’m willful. Mom: That’s a fact…Sage, you are the most willful dog we’ve ever had!!

4. Me: I love mud!  Mom: That’s also a fact! I even entered you in a ‘dirty dog contest’ put on by Wahl and Petfinder. Voting begins in November…only problem…it’s through Facebook. We’ll let you know!

5. Mom: We moved to Oregon a little over 5 years ago and love it. Even the rain!

6. Mom & I go bike riding. It’s going to be our winter exercise program.

I’m supposed to pass this along and I will! We love everyone who reads our blog and want you to have any or all of these awards. Enjoy!!

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