This ‘n’ That Friday

I didn’t tell you, but Mom took off in one of those bird-things that go up in the sky and left me and Dad at home. She’ll be back soon, but Dad & I decided there’s a lot of loose ends that needed tying up before that happens. So we decided to join the Follow-Up Friday Blog Hop!

Food Fight Continues

OMD, I got smashed in the face with some more of those Super Sweet Cupcakes! Thank you Misty Shores Chesapeakes! I’m lickin’ like mad AGAIN.

There’s stuff you’re supposed to do and I’m lazy this week (since Mom’s not here to crack the whip), so check out my Food Fight blog for all the details.

The Furnace

You know the furnace went on the fritz as soon as Mom walked out the door? Lucky her! And it’s been COLD. Well, sorta. Not freezing or anything like that. The furnace would work a little bit and then shut off. Very strange. Anyhow, Dad and Mystic were happy we had a little heater, but Thailing (my other kitty) and I both have heavier fur coats and were pretending we were Arctic explorers. It was kinda fun.

Since it’s almost Halloween, you’ll love this story! You know goblins and spiders and such somehow creep around during that time, right? Well, one of those spiders crept into the intake pipe of the furnace and built a silly web. And that web made the furnace not work right. Pretty spooky, huh? Now the furnace works right and the spider has to go find another place to build a web. I just hope it’s not close by!


Mom has been taking care of the little Popstar (who is now 13-months old) down in San Francisco while her parents went on a short vacation. Hats are the thing right now…doesn’t matter who’s it is.






And she loves to help cook. Maybe she’ll make me some cookies and Mom will bring them back!

17 thoughts on “This ‘n’ That Friday

  1. Hi Sage, thanks for joining the FUF blog hop, it’s great to have you on board!! I bet you are missing your mom a lot and I bet she misses you too! Personally I can’t stand to be apart from my puppies.

    I do hope she comes home soon and all your furnace issues have been resolved.


  2. How our Mom loves seeing the Popstar – she wears those hats very well:)

    We have heard about spiders getting into those venturii tubes in the grill but never in the furnace – hope the heat works well now. It is pretty cold here tonight, but we furries LOVE it.

    Congrats on getting smashed with the sweets again – and good luck getting those cookies:)

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning


  3. Guess you had your Halloween trick before the actual day with webs in the furnace and all. Glad you got it fixed, now you can concentrate on getting more of those cupcakes as treats. Very cute pictures of Popstar. 🙂


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