I Did What?

I’m so glad Mom is home and feeling better (she caught little Popstar’s virus) because she took me to the river today! I think it was the hole I dug in her new grass that gave her a hint. πŸ™‚

The river was up, but that didn’t stop me. It looked like a sheet of glass with a little ripple in it. Oh, wait. That was me…..

The fall colors were full onAnd, so was IThese logs were on the ‘shore’ a month ago, but we’ve had a LOT of rain since then.



So, you ask. What DID I do?

See my paws?

HereAnd here?They’re crossed for all our furiends who met the wrath of Sandy.

We hope they’re safe and warm.

14 thoughts on “I Did What?

  1. Great water fun and good photos Mom (glad you are feeling better). Storm Sandy was not fun and there will be no river play for awhile because with storms comes bad water into our river. Maybe we will come to yours. πŸ™‚


  2. Hey Sage, Jet here.

    Glad your Mom’s on the mend. Wowee, you look phenomenal swimming and frolicking at the shore with the fall colors as your backdrop.

    Crossing your paws, so impressive, and a great way to share our thoughts and prayers for those dealing with Sandy’s aftermath.


  3. Vof, Sage! I’m proud of you crossing your paws and sending your love to those who have so difficult time now. Your photos are fantastic and you are swett yourself as always! x Nero


  4. Glad your mom is feeling better, Sage! What a thoughtful doggie you are, crossing your paws and thinking good thoughts for our Hurricane Sandy victims.

    As always, we love pics of you having fun in the water!



  5. You are so sweet to do that, Sage. We too are hoping for better days to come soon for all those poor people affected by the storm.

    Hope Mom is feeling better soon.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning


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