And The Voting Begins

Oh my dogness. OH MY DOGNESS. I was selected as a finalist in the Wahl Dirty Dog photo contest! Little ol’ me. Not that I like mud or anything……
There are some prizes, the most important of which are the $$ which could go to my shelter/rescue of choice.

  •      1st place: $5,000 to the Petfinder shelter or rescue group of your choice, WAHL will sponsor a dog wash fundraising event at the shelter, you’ll get a grooming kit for your dog and a gift certificate to
  •         Two 2nd place prizes: $1,000 to the shelter or rescue group of your choice, and you’ll get a grooming kit for your dog and a gift certificate to

I picked the Oregon Humane Society here in Portland because that’s where my Mom and Dad rescued me. They took really good care of me there and we like the way they do business.

You can vote every day from today until November 23, 2012. And you can start NOW.  Here’s where you vote: It’s through Facebook  and the first time could be a bit tricky (not sure why they did it this way). First click on the link (, then like Wahl’s page, get the application (select yes or no whether you want Wahl to post on your timeline), and then you should get to the Dirty Dog Contest, at that point you should get a link to vote. Click on Sage’s picture and be sure to click on the “Vote for Sage” link. After the first time, you don’t don’t have to go through all those steps. 🙂 Sorry they’ve make this so difficult.

I’d love it if you’d spread the word to all your friends! If I win, I’m going to have my own contest. Wouldn’t that be fun?

22 thoughts on “And The Voting Begins

  1. Darn, darn,darn,darn, and more darns. Mom doesn’t do Facebook:( How can we vote for you, Sage??? We know you should win. Lots of luck and just know we would have given you all our votes if only we could.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning


  2. My Mom has already voted for you, Sage, and she said she will vote EVERY day to the end of the contest. I sure hope you win, ’cause you are definitely the dirtiest dog I’ve ever known!


  3. This is SO cool Sage!! You sure are the muddiest Dog I’ve ever seen – you’ve gotta win buddy!! 🙂

    Wags to all,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂


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