Monday Mischief: The Elusive Squirrel

My day started pretty good. Mom let me lick her spreader that was covered with….OMD…PEANUT BUTTER. I quickly figured out that I should stick my paw on that elusive spreader.

peanut butter spreader

Can I have more????

The day got even better. I KNOW when Mom puts me in the car, it’s usually to someplace fun and I was more than ready. You know, us doggers can sleep only so much before a little mischief creeps into the brain. I think Mom got the hint….

We went to the river, but it was overflowing and there wasn’t much beach. We finally found some but….

Up the treeIMG_20121210_124943

Uh, Mom. There was a squirrel up there. Honest.IMG_20121210_124954I was pretty pooped after all the racing after that elusive squirrel…

Um…is this pillow for me?IMG_6276

I hear you, Mom. This is a special Christmas pillow that your sister embroidered for you.

It’s perfect for my head and you know how much I love pillows…IMG_6278


22 thoughts on “Monday Mischief: The Elusive Squirrel

  1. Hey Sage,

    How cool that you got to rest on that pillow your Aunt made for you – Tee Hee – especially after such a hectic, fun day buddy!! 🙂

    Big wags,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂


  2. Sage, we believe you that the squirrel was there. And that the pillow was really made just for your head. Hope you had a great day.

    Oink oink,
    Katie and Coccolino the mini pig


  3. Hey Sage, Jet here.

    I’m so envious that you chased the elusive squirrel up into that limb! Looked like so much fun. JJ and I pull on our leashes so hard that Mom almost splats on the tree trunks as JJ and I jump up on opposite sides!!!

    You look adorable on your… uh… Mom’s holiday pillow.


  4. Looks like a perfectly comfortable pillow to me! We have the same problem at our park, even the parking lot is flooded so we have to drive to the far end and walk from there because the river is so high.


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