Mr. Snowman

Mom! Quick! Come look. Mr. Snowman fell over on his tummy. Mr. SnowmanI think he’s laughing at me.

Why ever would you think that, Sage?

Well, he did trick me into opening a pressie the other day.

Maybe you’re just feeling bad because you listened to him. I think the wind blew him down. So, let’s show him how good you are and we’ll help him up.

Good idea, Mom. I like being good to others.

Ohhhhhhhh! Look what Mr. Snowman did now! He’s turning white.Snow on Mr. SnowmanMr. Snowman brought you a little snow, Sage! 

SNOW? I’ve only heard about it before. Thank you, Mr. Snowman!Sage in the 'snow'

See what a little act of kindness does?

Um, Mom? Is that the kitteh that teases me over there?


20 thoughts on “Mr. Snowman

  1. Sweet Sage you have snow!!! Wow, have fun. You sure were good to help Mr. Snowman back up and off his tummy. Hugs and nose kisses


  2. Yeowzers!! You have snow? I can’t remember where you live…do you get it every year?? We have it coming to our mountains about 2 hours away at Lake Tahoe. I don’t go, but sometimes Dad and Mom take a ride up to see it. And I don’t think you did a single thing inappropriate Sage by opening that one itty bitty teensy weensy package…it did have your name after all…and what if it bee perishable?…just sayin’, Savvy


  3. Wow, Sage! Your snowmanperson brought you snows! We’ve never seen snows. We hope our mountains get some this year cuz mom promised to take us so we could play snow zoomies!! Hope you left that naughty kitteh alone…

    -Bart and Ruby


  4. Wow, is that the first time you have seen real snow, Sage? We think we might be getting some on Thursday. We only had 3.5 inches last year. Lightning will be so excited if we get a lot. Enjoy that snow, and maybe you should just ignore that kitty until after Santa comes:)

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning


  5. Sage, the dogs in Hawaii are very upset that they will never experience snow. They wanted to ask if you could put some in the middle of a Kong and Fed-ex it here?

    With Warm Aloha,


  6. I’m a little behind in commenting on your postie, sorry! Wow, you all got lots more snow then we did! We could hardly see our snow at all! Don’t you just luvs it?




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