20 thoughts on “Wordless (Sorta) Wednesday: Snowman Babies

  1. And this is why the chicken crossed the road. Your girl is very pretty. She looks a lot like my Ginger and Mary Ann. What type of chicken is she?


  2. Hey Sage!! So first the Mom wants to know….how the h…do you get those snowflakes drifting down on you WP theme??? AND, I am so sorry you don’t have snow now, but I bet you do in the mountains, if not already in your area…right? We will have up to FIVE FEET of new snow in the Sierras over this coming weekend…woo hoo, paws crossed for good water scores for next year. paw pats, Savannah


    • Go to Settings: General and down at the bottom of the page there’s a box you can click to enable the snow effect. It must have been a lot easier a couple of years ago! We have a **small** chance of a flake or two on Christmas day here in Portland. and there’s no problem with water here–all it’s done is rain, rain, rain. Sage is climbing the walls. We’ve had a VERY wet December.


  3. Sage I am so sorry you have had too much rain–not good for dogs who just want get OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Zoie had been through that and she got too far out!! I miss her so!! In case Merry Christmas!!


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