Post-Christmas Fun

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I know I sure did…Santa brought me my very own pillow! (That’s ‘cus Mom says I’m always stealing hers 🙂 )Sage's pillowIt sure is comfy! And somehow I know I can’t de-stuff it like I do everything else…

I had lots of fun playing with the little Popstar. She even learned how to throw the ball for me! But now they’ve gone back home and it was time for some much-needed running…1000 Acres here we come! I was a blur over the split-rail fence.Practicing my agilityOr maybe it’s because Mom forgot her camera and had to use her phone…

For all that we’ve had 22 inches of rain in the last couple of months, it was surprisingly dry. Of course, I can find a mud-puddle anywhere.Cooling off in a mud-puddle

It was a tad bit cold, so I didn’t linger.Sage Too much to see and do–like a little amble through the trees.

SageThere has to be a ball somewhere!

And there were some VERY interesting smells down this hole.
SageHmmmm. Is there a critter down there?

I came home tired and happy. I can’t wait to put my head on my pillow!

And finally get on my ‘puter to visit everyone.

26 thoughts on “Post-Christmas Fun

  1. Sage! Your mom is so smart to buy you your own christmas pillow – and so smart of you not to de-stuff it! Gizmo and I de-stuffed a few pillows in our day!! Glad you finally got out to your beloved mud!!

    -Bart (and Ruby who just dowsn’t de-stuff stuff)


  2. Hey Sage, Jet here.

    What a pawesome pillow. May you have many sweet dreams resting your head upon it.

    Love your roaming spirit! What a puddle, whoo hoo? Were you cold after your dip? Can’t wait to hear if there was a critter!!!


  3. Nice pillow sweet Sage. You have to be the champion of all mud puddle finders. Glad you found one to enjoy even if it was a bit cold. Enjoy that pillow. Happy New Year to you all. Hugs and nose kisses


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